#1490: Envite friends to enter in a community is working as invite to environment

Type: BugItem Feature: SocialNetwork Tags: safernet, colivre
ScheduledFor: 0.37.0 Assigned to: LarissaReis Sites:  
Priority: 10 Status: Rejected  

Description of the bug

There are two BIG problems here:

  1. The community invitation makes the new user to enter on the environment, but do not auto-join on the community.
  2. The community invitation does not works for already registered user, proving that is a environment invitation and not a community invitation.

The problem was found at http://netica.org.br/myprofile/educadores/profile_members

Clicking on the button "Convide seus amigos para entrar em Educadores" You are redirected to http://netica.org.br/profile/educadores/invite/friends , where the title is "Convide seus amigos para entrar em Educadores"

-- AurelioAHeckert -- 23 Apr 2010

I've tested in a local and up to date noosfero set up and both the community invitation and friend invitation make the new user auto-join the community/auto-friend the requester. Also, when I tested, invitation does work if you put an email for an already registered user (the invitation appears on the invited user's tasks).

-- LarissaReis - 05 Jun 2012

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Title Envite friends to enter in a community is working as invite to environment
ActionItemType? BugItem
Priority 10
Tags safernet, colivre
Feature SocialNetwork
ResponsibleDevelopers LarissaReis
ScheduledFor? 0.37.0
Status Rejected
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Topic revision: r7 - 12 May 2014 - 16:31:10 - EduardoVital

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