#1907: Bug with enterprises on the map was not fixed!

Type: BugItem Feature: Enterprises Tags: foradoeixo
ScheduledFor: 0.29.3 Assigned to: JoenioCosta Sites:  
Priority: 10 Status: Done  

Description of the bug

AI:1883 not resolved!

The real problem is why the "show" method was moved to another controller than "catalog", action "show" now lives in "manage_products" (at least until AI:1469 be done)

-- JoenioCosta -- 01 Mar 2011

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Title Bug with enterprises on the map was not fixed!
ActionItemType? BugItem
Priority 10
Tags foradoeixo
Feature Enterprises
ResponsibleDevelopers JoenioCosta
ScheduledFor? 0.29.3
Status Done
Ticket SAC:
Topic revision: r6 - 04 Mar 2011 - 00:34:17 - DanielaFeitosa

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