#2204: Add Google Custom Search as Noosfero search engine

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ScheduledFor: 0.35.0 Assigned to: JoenioCosta Sites:  
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Create a plugin that add Google Custom Search (http://www.google.com/cse) as Noosfero search engine to global search only, not for profile search, profile search still uses Noosfero core search engine (ferret or solr).

The plugin auto-replace Noosfero form located normally at top of screen with a form to do searchs using Google CSE, to enable the plugin first it is necessary to register a Google Cse ID at Google Cse page, after that enable the plugin to your Noosfero environment, then set google_id via Noosfero Console

 >> env = Environment.find( ... )
 >> env.settings[:google_cse_id] = '<PUT YOUR ID HERE>'
 >> env.save!

-- JoenioCosta - 01 Dec 2011


  1. DONE Unit, functional and cucumber tests
  2. DONE Basic plugin documentation, at least plugin description and how to create google ID
  3. DONE Do manual tests in our others themes
  4. DONE Create merge-request

-- JoenioCosta - 01 Dec 2011

Creating Debian package error:

Skipping ru translation, only 0% translated (needs 80%)
876 translated messages, 2 untranslated messages.
Translating: pt
.......Failed in pt translation!
Run the command manually to check:
$ po4a-translate -f xhtml -M utf8 -m doc/noosfero/plugins/google_cse.en.xhtml -p po/pt/noosfero-doc.po -L utf8 -l doc/noosfero/plugins/google_cse.pt.xhtml
rake aborted!

-- JoenioCosta - 02 Dec 2011

TIP Check if environment.settings[:google_cse_id] is defined before change search engine to Google.

-- JoenioCosta - 03 Dec 2011

Merge-request: Gitorious:109

-- JoenioCosta - 07 Dec 2011

Won't it be finer if we dedicate to change ferret with solr as search engine?

Using google search plugin only reinforces this all powerfull corporation to grab more and more infos about our system installed.

I think we should focus on making the search engine of noosfero better through solr...

-- DanielTygel - 13 Dec 2011

I agree with you, Daniel. However, as the search engine of noosfero through solr is not ready (and it's not easy and fast AI to be implemented), i think that it's the better way to offer a (temporary) search solution to Noosfero users.

-- VicenteAguiar - 10 Jan 2012

P.O - OBS:

  • When the Admin Environment choose Google Custom Search, it need te be able to use in all "Geral" Search box in Noosfero (Profile, Home Page, etc.)

-- VicenteAguiar - 10 Jan 2012

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