#2208: Allow profiles have statistics using Google Analytics

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Create Noosfero plugin to generate statistics of profiles using Google Analytics, each profile will be able to create a account in Google Analytics service and then configura own profile in Noosfero with Google ID.

The plugin must add a new field at profile info and settings in a new tab callaed "More" (for the new tab there is a merge-request by aurium in gitorious). Add below this field a link to Google Analytics page, in this field user can configure your Google ID.

If possible this plugin should generate statistics to environment too.

It is necessary write some documentation of how create a new Google Analytics account and activate that in Noosfero.

-- JoenioCosta - 02 Dec 2011


-- JoenioCosta - 14 Dec 2011

P.O - OBS:

  • DONE The link "See how configure statistics for your profile" needs to open in a new tab or windown, because, when users click in this link, they don't a have another icon to click and go back to profile.
  • There are no tabs yet The tab names ("More...") in "Profile settings" needs to change to "Aplications", because we'll use it to others "Aplications" like identi.ca; Twitter, Facebook or others Google aplications. wink
  • Y The "Profile settings" needs to be translate to "Editar Perfil", because we don't know a social media platform in Portuguese tha use "Informações e Configurações do Perfil).

-- VicenteAguiar - 10 Jan 2012

  • DONE sugiro que o link com o "See how configure statistics for your profile" fique abaixo do box do ID e não acima.

  • DONE Além disso, como isso é algo novo, sugiro colocar acima do item sobre a seleção das "categorias" na Edição de configuração do Perfil.

-- VicenteAguiar - 12 Jan 2012

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