#2352: Menu and user links are not displayed when user logs in

Type: BugItem Feature: UserInterface Tags: ecosol
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Priority: 0 Status: Pending  

Description of the bug

Some links are displayed only to logged users, but they are not shown when the user login.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open cirandas.net? on Firefox
  2. Do your login
  3. Look to your user menu: it won't list your entrprises
  4. Open "Communities" submenu: it won't display the link "My communities"

Testing environment

This bug doesn't happen on Google Chrome.

-- DanielaFeitosa -- 26 Apr 2012

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Title Menu and user links are not displayed when user logs in
ActionItemType? BugItem
Priority 0
Tags ecosol
Feature UserInterface
ScheduledFor? N/A
Status Pending
Ticket SAC:26415
Topic revision: r3 - 20 Jul 2012 - 14:36:56 - LarissaReis

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