#2374: Lacks a delete button on product qualifiers and certifiers

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Description of the bug

The qualifiers and certifiers that aren't already added to the product (i.e. qualifiers that the user are modifying and adding at the moment) don't have an intuitive way to be removed. There should be an delete button for it; not only for those qualifiers that the product already have.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to a product's page
  2. Click on "Edit basic information"
  3. Add a qualifier and a certifier
  4. The delete button doesn't appear for that qualifier

Testing environment

-- LarissaReis -- 06 Jul 2012

After choosing a qualifier the delete button appears, but it's not working in Chrome because of a blank character. If you don't choose a qualifier the button don't appears, though. I'm adding the delete button so the user can remove the row at any times, and fixing it so it works in Chrome as well.

-- LarissaReis - 11 Jul 2012

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Title Lacks a delete button on product qualifiers and certifiers
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ResponsibleDevelopers LarissaReis
ScheduledFor? 0.38.0
Status Done
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Topic revision: r3 - 17 Jul 2012 - 13:43:42 - DanielaFeitosa

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