#598: Error in blank instalation

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Description of the bug

Error in initial load of Noosfero, after doing the steps described in https://www.colivre.coop.br/Noosfero/GettingStartedWithNoosferoDevelopment

Steps to reproduce

  1. Do the steps in https://www.colivre.coop.br/Noosfero/GettingStartedWithNoosferoDevelopment
  2. Load WEBrick, by typing ./script/server in a terminal
  3. View the application in a webrownser
  4. This error occurs: Couldn't find template file for ../../public/designs/themes/default/footer.rhtml in ["/home/gate/noosfero/app/views"]
  5. This file isn't not present in https://svn.colivre.coop.br/svn/noosfero/trunk/app/views/public/

Testing environment

-- GrazienoPellegrino -- 28 Jul 2008

for now you have to create a symlink called "default" in public/designs, pointing to one of the folders in that directory.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 30 Jul 2008

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Title Error in blank instalation
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