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# Title Priority Scheduled for Who Cares Status
#115 Moderation - Logging     Pending
#116 Alert Mail System     Pending
#118 Batch registration and invitation     Pending
#1233 Real Podcasting on Noosfero     Pending
#1333 better tagging interface   N/A Pending
#1562 Noosfero DataForms - for surveys, tests, or fun data mining     Pending
#1743 Improve visualization of the events using event_calendar plugin   N/A Pending
#1831 Enhanche the "assets/articles" exhibition 5   Pending
#2034 Multiple files upload   N/A Rejected
#2113 FormerPlugin: Build fields and forms dynamically   N/A Working
#946 system must suggest related groups   N/A Pending
#976 images block   N/A Pending
#986 OpenID client for noosfero   N/A Pending
13 occurrences Pending: 11
Rejected: 1
Working: 1

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