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Deploy Noosfero

Debian Package

See DebianPackage

Chef cookbook

See Chef


See Capistrano

Tools comparison

+ Handle Backups Version rollback Local deployment Remote deploy System independent Maintainability
Chef Yes external cookbooks Yes by changing git revision or package version Yes Yes Yes Very easy
Capistrano Yes Yes Yes (using localhost) Yes Yes Very easy
Debian package No Yes
aptitude install noosfero=X.X (downgrade scripts may fail)
Yes No (or by Puppet) No (hard even for debian releases and derivatives) Hard to maintain package scripts
Inploy No Yes (just the code) Yes Yes Yes (althought many assumptions are made) Very easy
Puppet Optional depends on the method No Yes depends on the method Medium

I find your evaluation of Debian packages distorted.

Re "hard even for debian releases and derivatives", it is an unfair evaluation, because the package is designed for a specific Debian release -- other releases and debian derivatives are not supported by definition, unless someone does the work of testing the package on these systems and adapt the necessary bits.

Re maintainability, just because you don't understand something, it does not mean it is "hard".

-- AntonioTerceiro - 08 Mar 2012

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