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Easy bugs or new features

Here is a list of bugs or features considered easy to be solved, so if you are getting started as a Noosfero developer, you can start with some of them. All that they need is love!

Action items tagged with "EasyToSolve"

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# Title Priority Scheduled for Assigned to Status
#1102 Search of a term should return members of enterprise with that term       Pending
#1115 Links to outside of environment should open in new window       Pending
#1116 Add explanation about variables on header/footer   N/A   NeedInfo
#1135 comment moderation   N/A LeandroNunes Working
#1211 migrate selenium tests to cucumber tests   N/A   Pending
#1285 Add a button "Manage products/services" on enterprise catalog       WaitingForReview
#1308 Add margin or padding in images on TinyMCE   N/A   Pending
#1331 Community map block       Pending
#1336 Add youtube button to editor TinyMCE       Pending
#1340 The Localization Block image height must be configurable       Pending
#1387 Blog folder without title is a layout problem     RodrigoSouto Working
#1388 properly remove the inline help messages     RodrigoSouto Working
#1417 Link for the original image is missing   N/A NiltonNeves WaitingForReview
#1418 SexyBookmarks for blog posts and other contents       Pending
#1421 Content layout - HTML Filter must allow max-width, and related CSS atts 5     Pending
#1456 Cute Date Time to articles, comments and etc...   N/A   Pending
#1457 Table of Contents for articles, generated by the client       Pending
#1470 Enhance blog navegability with preview/next post link     JuniorSilva Pending
#1497 The accept published article interface missed the proposed article name   N/A   Pending
#1498 The acept published article interface missed the article tags input       Pending
#1539 Cannot invite a friend to be a member of my community   N/A   Pending
#1551 Improve visualization of the environment tags 5 N/A Nobody Pending
#1560 Blog's feed icon is ugly with tags       Pending
#1561 The profile page must hidden the description box if empty       Pending
#157 add the ability to monitor articles   N/A   Pending
#1574 Unify Comments of Published Articles       Pending
#1580 Show the Members and Friends List in a Map like the Enterprise Search       Pending
#1599 Add a funny Noosfero identification in the html page source     AurelioAHeckert WaitingForReview
#161 create a nice set of boxes   N/A   Pending
#1639 Improve doc section "Writing advanced article"   N/A   Pending
#164 must use XHTML Friends Network on friends box   N/A AurelioAHeckert Pending
#1681 Notify the chat user when a message comes in a blur window 5 N/A LarissaReis Pending
#1693 javascript method to register user_data load listeners       Pending
#1707 Put Feed addrees from portal on browser address bar   N/A   Pending
#1709 the highlighted-news-item´s post-title must be on the H2 and not on the link       Pending
#1795 Profile balloon is far from the profile image       Pending
#1805 Comments from article owner on a community are not highlited       Pending
#1806 Comments from removed users misses the author name       Pending
#1818 add support     AurelioAHeckert WaitingForReview
#1830 Reduce JS size and optimize with UglifyJS       Pending
#1831 Enhanche the "assets/articles" exhibition 5     Pending
#1886 Community specific tests on profile_tes.rb       Pending
#190 Ugly "scrap" link on network activity page   N/A   Pending
#1950 Support Article with "IFRAME"     CaioSBA Pending
#1952 "Send an email" do not identify sender and target 10     NeedInfo
#1954 Manage Friends shows the wrong number of persosns per page   N/A   Pending
#1960 Use of token fields       Pending
#1994 Acessar comunidade, usuários ou artigos com URL curta       Pending
#2247 Put to RSS/Atom offered 5 N/A LarissaReis Pending
#2279 Logout redirects to home-page 5     Pending
#2292 Update blocks cache after removing a community   N/A   Pending
#2298 Plugin builder must create important directoryes and example files   N/A   Pending
#2448 Code scattering in template CSS       Pending
#2462 Colspan and Rowspan missed from html whitelist       Pending
#2484 Community tasks listed on Admin's tasks       Pending
#2485 When we delete a profile it's image reminds on the file system, and on the web       Pending
#2486 question marked tags are escaped but still not working       Pending
#2488 Add tags to article suggestion       Working
#2509 Remove captcha support for administrators       Pending
#2516 Editor Slug in Article or Posts       Pending
#2534 Open description field for information about delivery procedures       Pending
#2542 Tags under description     AurelioAHeckert Pending
#2566 Auto add article link to the profile menu block       Pending
#2568 Create an easy-to-use Menu Sideblock       Pending
#2602 Make Enterprise Catalog Configurable       Pending
#2619 Articles suggested by organization admins should not be moderated       Pending
#2646 Listing Friends       Pending
#2687 Why Categorize: Lightbox do not scroll to the visible area       Pending
#2688 Profile events page must have profile blocks       Pending
#2708 FeedReaderBlock nil crash for 404 RSS       Pending
#2764 Install, Enable and Disable Themes       Pending
#2773 Add 'Send e-mail to members' option when managing members of enterprises     CaioFormiga Pending
#2774 Change text of notification e-mail sent after comment is created       Pending
#2781 Some fields aren't displayed anywhere       Working
#2785 Improve product's price rule and messages       Working
#2794 Allow ROWSPAN and COLSPAN in noosfero's contents     BraulioBhavamitraBO WaitingForReview
#2796 Fix text overlap between addthis and tags in articles view     BraulioBhavamitraBO WaitingForReview
#2890 Auto-rotate image based on exif data when uploading       Pending
#2966 Allow themes to be assigned to specific profile types       WaitingForReview
#2967 Work assignment email alert       Pending
#2978 More items in manage content       WaitingForReview
#2984 Allow more special characters in profile names urls       WaitingForReview
#2985 Don't send message to the profile reported of abuse       WaitingForReview
#3006 Add to the list of trusted sites       WaitingForReview
#3060 Add 'available products' in statistics side block       WaitingForReview
#3104 Automatic fill of name and email of article suggestion       WaitingForReview
#3116 Fix two problems in AI2928 (new categorization of articles and profiles)       WaitingForReview
#3156 Allow environment admin to add an introduction or help text to the sign up form       WaitingForReview
#3181 Login box loses html formatting on user profile       WaitingForReview
#3271 Edit publish date of an article       NeedInfo
#3302 Mudar termos de entrar e sair de comunidade para evitar confusão     BraulioBhavamitraBO WaitingForReview
#781 unifreire: remove extra fields from categories   0.12.0?   Pending
#846 Add trackback/pingback features 5     Pending
#854 Clustering for products (and others) map       Pending
#940 add a nice date picker for date fields       Pending
#961 "published article" must reference a specific version of the original article       Pending
#971 tag cloud block 10     Pending
#972 better tag cloud 10     Pending
#974 add webmail logos in the invite friends screen   N/A   Pending
#976 images block   N/A   Pending
#979 cannot get e-mail address from hotmail   N/A   WaitingForFeedback

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