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# Title Priority Scheduled for Assigned to Status
#1130 Layout of the category pages (RECORTES) 5 N/A   Pending
#1131 separate category name from title   N/A   Pending
#1156 activate categories menu by click instead of mouveoser   N/A   Pending
#1207 new question on enterprise activation wizard   N/A   Pending
#1249 Community admin cant enable/disable contact us   N/A   Pending
#1259 Save and continue editing   N/A   Pending
#1269 Ignore accented characters in search   N/A   Pending
#1270 Allow admin of environment to configure the limit of nickname   N/A   Pending
#1282 Remove unused '?' in links from pending tasks mail   N/A   Pending
#1291 client-side performance optimization   N/A   Pending
#1294 limit the amount of categories a profile can be associated to   N/A   Pending
#1298 custom queries for administrators   N/A   Pending
#1308 Add margin or padding in images on TinyMCE   N/A   Pending
#1310 Subdomains for enterprises   N/A   Pending
#1313 When adding a block, add an explanation on mouseover   N/A   Pending
#1314 Explain {profile} when editing LinkListBlock   N/A   Pending
#1342 Product price should be in Real when edit   N/A RodrigoSouto Pending
#1390 Consolidate the interface for access to products   N/A   Pending
#1393 Manage qualifiers and certificators   N/A   Pending
#1414 Products modules can be hidden from users   N/A   Pending
#1415 Edit additional information of products   N/A   Pending
#1427 Export Product Cost as Spreadsheet   N/A   Pending
#1433 Product Progress Indicator Bar   N/A   Pending
#1434 Mass Edit and Delete inputs of products   N/A   Pending
#1436 Select Suplier for Input   N/A   Pending
#1439 Autocomplete to select product category   N/A   Pending
#1440 review process of enterprise registration       Pending
#1501 Add option to create new certifier in basic information of product   N/A   Pending
#1511 Show thumbnail while editing images 5 N/A   Pending
#1523 Create a Trash in the CMS 5 N/A   Pending
#1526 !ArticleBlock crashes with UploadedFile articles   0.23.4 DanielaFeitosa WaitingForFeedback
#1544 Display complete filename as 'alt' in directory listing 5 N/A   Pending
#1597 Sortable input list has an anomalous screen flash   N/A   Pending
#1623 Name's templates are not translated 5 N/A   Pending
#1624 Show description of templates in user interface 5 N/A   Pending
#1639 Improve doc section "Writing advanced article"   N/A   Pending
#1653 Improve visualization of uploaded files (images, text, compressed files, ...) as profile homepage   N/A   Pending
#171 Registry of new enterprise must be totally rethought   N/A   Pending
#180 enhance WYSIWYG editor   N/A   Pending
#1843 Change assets enterprises screen to has only one column   N/A   Pending
#1872 Problem intermitent with applying layout during enterprise activation 10 N/A   Pending
#1901 New products search   N/A BraulioBhavamitraBO Working
#1902 Products search filter   N/A Nobody Pending
#1912 Provide feed by category   N/A Nobody Pending
#1913 Use thumbnails in media-listing instead of fullsize images   N/A Nobody Pending
#1917 Noosfero doesn't up after reboot   N/A Nobody Pending
#1927 Spammers are still attacking Noosfero   N/A Nobody Pending
#1937 Do not show send-email button if has no emails to deliver   N/A Nobody Pending
#1940 Enable support to localizated messages from XMPP server   N/A   Pending
#1942 Use nickname in tracked actions instead of fullname   N/A Nobody Pending
#1995 Community moderation options are not inherited from template 5 N/A   Pending
#2080 Status Report for Bsc (RF46)   N/A RodrigoSouto Working
#2086 Enterprises registration (RF04)   0.33.0 RodrigoSouto WaitingForFeedback
#2088 Assign Enterprise with BSC (RF31)   0.33.0 RodrigoSouto WaitingForFeedback
#212 provide links to manage friends, communities, enterprises from their listing blocks   N/A   Pending
#2144 Search files in article editing 5     Pending
#216 move enterprise validation functionality to tasks_controller   N/A   Pending
#2201 1st Picture in Gallery Thumbails 5     Pending
#2212 Noosfero send comment notification for the author of the comment 10 N/A   WaitingForReview
#2279 Logout redirects to home-page 5     Pending
#2352 Menu and user links are not displayed when user logs in   N/A   Pending
#2393 Shopping cart "Request unsuccessful: error"       Pending
#2407 Critical: Noosfero became highly unstable and unresponsive after 0.38       Pending
#2410 Hide the "0% Solidarity Economy inputs" from products   N/A   WaitingForReview
#2412 Addthis Icon came back to the old one       Pending
#2414 Broken CSS when going to signup form       Working
#2418 Number of users seems to not increase or decrease       Pending
#252 only categories with more than X entries should show up in the top menu   N/A Nobody Pending
#2524 Message from Admin Control Panel should have filters to specific users       Pending
#2525 Admin deletes accounts not activated in a defined period of time       Pending
#2531 Recover login and password using only e-mail       Pending
#2532 Signup should NOT create automatically the username (login)       Pending
#2533 Adicionar cálculo de frete dos correios no cesto de compras       Pending
#2534 Open description field for information about delivery procedures       Pending
#262 enhance presentation of 'consumed products' pages   N/A AurelioAHeckert Pending
#267 formulário de auto-declaração   N/A Nobody Pending
#2789 Change the concept of the articles' short visualization format from 'first paragraph' to 'automatic-abstract'     BraulioBhavamitraBO WaitingForReview
#289 create a edit way to the itens on consumed products   N/A Nobody Pending
#2891 Noosfero frequently crashes when uploading multiple files       Pending
#2896 Change location of buy button in show_products     BraulioBhavamitraBO Working
#29 view and query the personal yellow pages   N/A   Pending
#2930 Comment group plugin breaks noosfero when viewing comments. 5     Pending
#2966 Allow themes to be assigned to specific profile types       WaitingForReview
#2978 More items in manage content       WaitingForReview
#2980 Create 'featured products' block for environment       Working
#2982 Add column last update in the CMS file listings       WaitingForReview
#2984 Allow more special characters in profile names urls       WaitingForReview
#2985 Don't send message to the profile reported of abuse       WaitingForReview
#2986 Change view of community and enterprise members       Pending
#30 manage offers in your personal yellow page   N/A   Pending
#3060 Add 'available products' in statistics side block       WaitingForReview
#3093 Tags cloud should ignore case and accents of tags       Pending
#316 Classificar amigos usando lista fixa   N/A   Pending
#324 Informacoes dos SIESs estaduais   N/A   Pending
#327 Seguranca e denuncia de empreendimentos   N/A   Pending
#329 Possibilitar monitoramento de artigos   N/A   Pending
#331 Admin deve poder alterar a arvore de produtos do banco de dados   N/A   Pending
#54 list user participation in debates   N/A   Pending
#667 Don't show null info about events   N/A   Pending
#727 O último admisitrador não pode sair do empreendimento   N/A  
#800 add link to "write comment" in the top of the page      
#802 input fields background not wide enough      
#805 Permisões de uso de Temas   N/A  
#807 Nova publicação contextualizada = sem sub-menu   N/A  
#808 Automatic-Menu Block 5 N/A   Pending
#810 better title for control panel   N/A  
#811 missing field "name" for enterprises profile editor      
#812 better presentation for the nickname field for enterprises      
#813 add "foundation date" for enteprises      
#814 add proper address fields for enterprises      
#815 fine tune latitude/longitude based on address      
#816 enterprises: must be able to indicate contact person among the members      
#817 enterprises: change "contact e-mail" to just "e-mail"      
#818 enterprises: add phone/fax field      
#819 separate info fields from configuration      
#820 enterprises: remove selection of categories      
#821 enterprise: manage members      
#822 product management screen is awful      
#824 better contact box      
#825 add a configuration to allow/forbid putting blocks in the middle area      
#827 user must not able to add as favorite enterprises in which he is a member      
#828 custom presentation for categories ("recortes")      
#842 present enterprise names in search results (and maybe other places) 5 N/A  
#854 Clustering for products (and others) map       Pending
#877 use product category icon as picture for products without picture   N/A AurelioAHeckert
#880 environment administrator must be able to enable/disable existing article types      
#881 split profile editor into "info" and "settings"      
#884 Mostrar apenas um empreendimento no mapa (busca por id) 5 N/A  
#885 Importar árvore de produtos e serviços 10 N/A  
#886 Modificar AddThis (português e mouseover pra click) 10 N/A  
#888 cluster points in the map      
#896 Allow side blocks on product catalog   0.47.0 AurelioAHeckert WaitingForReview
#903 need a consistent way of retrieving city/state/country from profiles 10 N/A   Pending
#963 administrator must be able to unblock blocked enterprises 10     Pending
#976 images block   N/A   Pending
#993 blocked enterprises screen   N/A   WaitingForFeedback

-- AntonioTerceiro - 30 Oct 2008

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