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Feature: e-Mail

The environment may communicate with the user by mail bay several reasons. That helps the user to know that something is happening.
Related action items:
Action item Version Status
#1403: Mail settings option 0.23.0? Done
#1555: When an enterprise is created on one environment, it sends email to other environment 0.25.1 Done
#1567: Synchronize Noosfero user base with other applications   Pending
#1659: Send email to all enviroment members 0.26.0 Done
#1660: Admin Community sends email to all members 0.26.0 Done
#1704: Send e-mail when a scrap is sent 0.26.0 Done
#1719: The wall link shown on scrap e-mail notification is not correct 0.26.0 Done
#1871: Subject of tasks notification message are coming with %{requestor} 0.28.6 Done
#1937: Do not show send-email button if has no emails to deliver N/A Pending
#1947: Enable WYSIWYG on send email 0.29.4 Done
#1952: "Send an email" do not identify sender and target   NeedInfo?
#2027: Spam Problems 0.31.5 Done
#2056: New plugin that allows admins create forms mail 0.32.0 Done
#2075: Anti-spam approaches 0.33.0 Done
#2077: spammers vs "invite friends" 0.33.1 Rejected
#2212: Noosfero send comment notification for the author of the comment N/A WaitingForReview?
#229: E-mail filtering (spam related)   Pending
#2375: Subscribe users to be notified about comments on article 0.39.0 Done
#2388: Send emails to community members 0.39.0 Done
#2456: tries to send confirmation email to templates and breaks some fresh installs 0.38.3 Done
#2487: Should keep the original email message format   Pending
#2497: Send welcome email to new users 0.39.0 Done
#2626: Unable to activate account through email N/A Pending
#2694: Send network activity by email 0.47.0 Done
#2749: Allow contact us form to work for visitors (not logged in)   Pending
#2773: Add 'Send e-mail to members' option when managing members of enterprises   Pending
#2774: Change text of notification e-mail sent after comment is created   Pending
#2929: Bugs concerning email notification of SubOrganizationsPlugin   Pending
#2967: Work assignment email alert   Pending
#3133: Email article to community members   Pending
#3285: Send email when ban user   Pending

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