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Noosfero, version 1.0

Release Notes

This release is a big milestone for the Noosfero community. For this release we went through all the trouble that is upgrade to a new major version of Rails (3.2). Noosfero is a rather large application, and is around since the times of Tails Rails 1. There are a lot of code that was written before several facilities currently provided by Rails were available. It was though, but we finally got here.

More than 40 people from several different organizations have contributed to this release. We are grateful to each one of them, whose names are listed in the "Shortlog" section below.

The reference platform for Noosfero 1.0 is Debian 7 (wheezy), and packages are available from A source tarball is also available from this very page.

There is a lot of work in front us yet. To be able to stabilize this 1.0 we stopped integrating new features in the last months; now we can go back and start working again on the several innovations our community has been working on, and look forward for new awesome releases.


Andre Bernardes (5):
      Fixing person identifier not saving and validation of user attributes.
      Changed when user is created on moderation and removed unused user data     from task.
      Fixed redirecting after signup.
      Fixed welcome message when the feature is on.
      AI3036 Code Refactoring

Antonio Terceiro (247):
      Migration to Rails 3: checkpoint
      Remove packages added as deps to compile gems
      Marking pending work
      Silencing warning about vendor/plugins/* for now
      Rails 3 porting: bootstrap development environment
      Remove deprecated "terminology" feature
      Rename *.rhtml -> *.html.erb
      Adapt ./script/development to Rails 3
      Revert "Assets moved from the public and adapted to Rails 3 standard"
      Replace @controller by controller in views and helpers
      Finish removal of the deprecated terminology thing
      another TODO item
      Remove more solr stuff
      Look for .html.erb instead of .rhtml
      Fix inclusion of theme files
      Add TODO item to Gemfile
      Random fixes to get the initial page loading
      Adapt Noosfero plugin system to Rails 3
      Changes neeed to get test/unit/city_test.rb running
      Fix content viewer routes and associated tests
      Fix account controller route
      Fix a routing test
      Fix root of hosted domain
      Fix the merge of Noosfero::Plugin code
      require 'noosfero/plugin' after basic initializtion
      Fix syntax error in Ruby 1.9 (again)
      cope with changes in Gemfile
      @controller → controller
      [rails3] Fixed routes
      Fixed YAML syntax in fixtures file
      Now using the packaged version of fast_gettext
      Produce strings considered unsafe for testing
      [rails3] Add explicit require statement
      [rails3] Adjust attr_accessible
      Fix new route to match Rails 3 format
      rails3: fix deprecated reference to @controller
      rails3: add mandatory argument to blocks passed to instance_eval
      rails3: Rails.root is not a string anymore
      rails3: Fix MailingJob unit  test
      rails3: add mandatory argument to block passed to instance_eval
      rails3: fixing Qualifier/Certifier
      rails3: make html of RawHTMLBlock mass-assignable
      rails3: add mandatory argument to block passed to instance_eval
      rails3: fix ProfileSearchBlock unit tests
      rails3: Fix TagsHelper unit tests
      rails3: fix AbuseReport tests
      rails: add City/State attr_accessible and fix test
      rails3: fix unit tests for the Unit class
      ruby1.9: fix to_slug with with non-letter chracters
      ruby1.9: fix Ruby 1.9-incompatible vendored code
      rails3: remove unecessary mass assignment
      rails3: fix Friendship unit tests
      rails3: remove useless named scope in Article
      rails3: fix RecentDocumentsBlock unit tests
      rails3: fix Box unit tests
      rails3: fix ArticleCategorization unit tests
      rails3: fix LanguageHelper unit tests
      rails3: fix multitenancy unit tests
      rails3: fix PriceDetail unit tests
      rails3: partially fix EnvironmentMailing tests
      rails3: fix ProfileHelper unit tests
      rails3: partial fix for Invitation unit tests
      rails3: development + packaging updates
      rails3: write cached assets to a cache/ subdirectory
      Fix escaping in blog post authorship info
      rails3: fix noosfero-console script
      initscript: don't assume $HOME = $NOOSFERO_DIR
      script/quick-start: force update before install
      Gemfile.lock: revert to versions in Debian wheezy
      Improve plugin test runs
      Remove Evil™ manipulation of constants
      Update database schema
      Add .ackrc file to speed up code search with ack
      Add support for base plugins
      Fix author assignment for uploaded files
      work_assignment plugin: fix tests
      vendor/gdata: remove usage of deprecated $KCODE variable
      Fix script/feed-updaters under rails3
      Remove mezuro plugin by request of its authors
      Remove script/ci-build
      Remove unused dependency
      script/quick-start: run bundle in local mode
      re-add dependency on rest-client
      Remove merge artifact added by mistake use
      fix typo
      Fix version of eventmachine
      Fix naming of profile_info_action partials
      Don't rescue from arbitrary exceptions
      ApplicationHelper: fix manage_{communities,enterprises}
      Fix merge problems
      fix fragile test
      Fix "My networks" block
      db/schema.rb: update
      versioned_article: remove extra </div>
      quick-start debian: always run apt-get update
      debian/control: new depndency
      debian/control: simplify Ruby dependency
      Gemfile: de-duplicate rake
      Move PROJECT/VERSION constants to their own file
      Remove AUTHORS in favor of
      update release rake tasks
      debian/docs: update
      debian/rules: omit most output from compiling translations
      Bumping version 1.0~rc1
      release tasks: allow manual upload of .deb packages
      release tasks: user $version instead of Noosfero::VERSION
      web_steps: make with_scope more clear
      Fix broken translation
      quick-start: disable email confirmation in development
      Tasks: need to filter only on actual list of tasks
      Fix database upgrade with plugin promoted to base
      Tell the user his community creation will be moderated
      Tasks: fix filtering by task type
      Gemfile: add gettext_rails
      Fix pt translation
      Revert "Gemfile: add gettext_rails"
      script/quick-start: fix my stupid mistake
      dist-upgrade when installing dependencies
      quick-start: don't wipe the development DB every time
      update po files
      Restore loading of plugin tasks
      *Block: remove unecessary editable? methods
      profile_icon: use gravatar for users with no image
      init script: use full binary path just to be sure
      ExternalFeed: use feed title as author name
      LogMemoryConsumption: disable delayed job setup
      Initializers: workaround DelayedJob usage on upgrades
      db/schema.rb: update
      DatesHelperTest: remove unecessary text domain setup
      ChatController: fix assumption about default avatar
      AccountControllerTest: fix assumptions on call to User.data_hash
      Remove integration test for exception_notification
      Fix category-related tests
      BlocksTest: remove pagination tests for ArticleBlock
      Updating authors file
      release: fix regular expression to catch rc versions
      package task: use global $version variable
      Bumping version 1.0~rc2
      debian/control: fix upgrades from squeeze
      doc: make relative symlinks to plugin documentation
      Revert "debian/control: fix upgrades from squeeze"
      debian/control: Pre-Depend on the latest ruby1.8
      release: actually allow to override the suggested version
      debian/crontol: add missing dependency
      Bumping version 1.0~rc3
      release: ask before creating tags
      script/quick-start: don't throw ANSI escapes at non-terminals
      ProfileInfoBlockTest: remove useless test
      cucumber: don't output ANSI escapes to non-terminals
      ackrc: don't search under cached assets
      Fix broken test
      ArticleTest: another attempt at fixing this fragile test
      noosfero-plugins: resist incomplete /etc/default/noosfero
      ProfileController: fix fragile tests
      quick-start: use local repo at tmp/debian/ if present
      Update to rails 3.2.19
      Organization: mail the environment with no contacts
      Environment: use contact_email for notifications
      Provide default email for test environments
      Fix tests to work with `mail` 2.5
      FeedReaderBlockTest: use fixed timestamp for test
      CommentNotifier: drop test that does not apply anymore
      ProfileEditorController: fix test that sends email
      fix functional tests that fail without notification emails
      debian/control: bump dependency on rails
      properly remove local repository
      Vagrantfile: allow bringing up a different base box
      add dependency installation script for ubuntu precise
      Improve interoperability with non-Debian environments
      Support running Noosfero as a /subdirectory
      Remove debug statements left behind
      Rewrite HTTP caching tests as integration tests
      Don't cache error responses (status >= 400)
      debian/changelog: move 0.47.5 entry to its place
      Add ci:smoke Rake task for CI environments
      ci:smoke: revamp
      Pin locale version for Rubygems users
      release.rake: actually delete pending release marker
      fix BlogArchiveBlock tests wrt timezone
      ci.rake: drop git log; the ci system should do it
      ProfileHelper: fix broken test
      Remove test that brings no value
      update PO files
      ci: avoid running test over files that were deleted
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Fix broken functional tests
      quick-start: compile translations
      silence annyoing warning from I18n
      Remove low-value broken test
      SearchController: avoid invalid dates
      Move session/cookie test to HTTP caching tests
      Remove broken tests that are beyond repair
      omit the absurd amount of output from makemo
      quick-start: `set -e` to abort on errors
      ci: testrb call needs -Itest
      remove more broken tests
      Remove low-value test file with broken test
      signup.feature: fix timing issue
      ldap plugin: remove install.rb
      quick-start: fix database creation
      ci:smoke: run plugin tests the right way
      plugins/solr: disable automatic solr download
      plugins/community_track: remove useless file creation in test
      Revert dependency on test-unit
      noosfero-plugins: fix dependency checking with bundler
      debian/control: add dependency needed for spaminator plugin
      Gemfile: simplify loading plugins' Gemfiles
      plugins/spaminator: fix fragile test
      fix direction of symlink
      quick-start: ignore failure when creating .gitignore
      Fix syntax error
      ci: ignore stuff under vendor/ for now
      fix presentation of raw HTML article
      Add silent variant of quick-start
      filter_html: fix crash on nil input
      script/development: handle RAILS_RELATIVE_ROOT_URL better
      plugins/remote_user: fix tests
      Updating authors file
      Bumping version 1.0~rc4
      debian: Remove test and cucumber sections from Gemfile
      Add utility directory to test Debian packages
      util/debian-install: fallback to remote packages
      Remove inconsistent acceptance test
      features/signup.feature: remove another fargile test
      Skip tests for plugins with broken tests
      ci: run selenium tasks under Xvfb
      Fix broken markup
      Fix XSS possibility caused by quotes in article title/body
      Remove tolerance_time from plugin blacklist
      gravatar: don't hardcode protocol
      Fix tests
      ChatController: handle gravatar URL's without protocol
      FilePresenter: fix URLs on subdirectory URL
      remove shopping_cart plugin from blacklist
      Restore template which was not dead code after all
      Enable send_email plugin tests
      Fix email addresses in changelog
      update translation files
      Complete Portuguese translation
      util/debian-install/install: disable default apache site
      Change default gravatar fallback
      release.rake: exclude merge commits from AUTHORS
      Updating authors file
      Bumping version 1.0

Arthur Del Esposte (26):
      bug_fix: Fixing redirection after account  activation
      Refactoring view_page method of content_viewer_controller
      Fixing Categories Menu block html prensetation
      Fixing bug AI3206: saving profile categories
      Fix friend removal bug
      AI3204: Fixing People block plugin bug
      Adding attr_accessible for slideshow block attributes
      Fixing article parents html links in cms view
      Adding attr_accessible for redirecion_after_login in profile
      Pass a valid argument to on_level scope in ProductCategoriesBlock
      Add attr_accessible to basic product informations attributes
      Add att_accessible to FeaturedProductsBlock's setting_items
      Add attr_accessible to LocationBlock's attributes
      Add attr_accessible to RssFeed's feed_item_description attribute
      Add attr_accessible to User and Domain attributes
      Add attr_accessible to Alternative's selected_by_default attribute
      Fix custom_forms' buttons escaping HTML properly
      Change fields_for structure to rails 3 in show_submission view
      Remove paginate from ArticleBlock blog's presentation
      Add remote_user plugin
      remote_user_plugin: Activate created users
      remote_user_plugin: loggout the current user if no remote_user is received
      remote_user_plugin: add support to remote_user_data
      curriculum_lattes_plugin: Refactorign plugin structure
      curriculum_lattes_plugin: Improvements and test
      curriculum_lattes_plugin: Refactoring to use load_plugin_filters hotspot

Aurelio A. Heckert (3):
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Esperanto)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)

Braulio Bhavamitra (14):
      Support passenger
      Load init in a separate loop
      Fix support of custom layout in themes
      Fix prepend of plugins' view paths
      Update acts_as_solr_reloaded
      solr-plugin: port to rails 3
      Use table_prefix_name for plugins' table_name
      Update to tinymce 4
      Load locales inside plugins' path
      Remove etherpad code from tinymce
      Fix 400 bad request of varnish with nginx and apache 2.4
      Add plugins migrations paths
      Fix baseplugins addition
      Fix yaml migration

Caio Tiago Oliveira (1):
      L10n: support for custom locales     AI3113

Daniel Bucher (6):
      social_network: Added scenarios for AI3096
      social_network: Join community on login/signup
      social_network: Join community on login/signup
      profile_editor: added mass-assign support for person's fields
      profile_editor: added mass-assign support for community fields
      profile_editor: added mass-assign support for enterprise fields

Daniela Soares Feitosa (27):
      Using variable instead of new call to db
      Added variable for link list block of environment
      Search articles from portal on env link list block
      Removed !important from CSS
      Autocomplete fields on page load
      Fixed suggestions of usernames
      Removed needless condition
      Fixed html and test syntax
      Removed unit tests from functionals file
      Removed unnecessary lines on test
      Allowing translation for url checking string
      enhancements: visualization of suggested usernames
      Fixed broken and removed unused tests
      Added back method and tests removed on merge
      Fixed broken tests
      Fixed profile_editor_extras to work with lambda
      Added migration to include created_by on articles
      Added attr created_by on copy when approve article
      tests-fix: removed @selenium when it is not needed
      Fixed filtering of roles on memberships page
      Defining the correct file to write delayed_job log
      Fixed the reorder of form submissions
      Fixed tolerance_time tests
      shooping_cart_plugin: fixed tests
      Prevent templates from being destroyed
      curriculum_lattes_plugin: fixed functionals tests
      curriculum_lattes_plugin: avoid affecting core

David Carlos (4):
      fix missing validation on spreading article
      Fixing invalid limit value in some blocks.
      Fix header/footer disable feature visualization logic
      signup_image_upload: Put file_field as a optional_field.

Evandro Jr (1):
      Implents most relevant block plugin

Evandro Junior (3):
      Code refactoring
      Changed settings_items type to boolean
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)

Fabio Teixeira (5):
      Link_List_Block_Improvements: Add Drag and Drop and auto-complete to LinkListBlock
      Link_List_Block_Improvements: Merge request corrections
      Fix Highlight block 'new highlight' button
      Highlight block delete highlight row
      signup_image_upload: Add image on user signup

Francisco Marcelo A. Lima Júnior (1):
      Added people_block plugin

Francisco Marcelo de Araújo Lima Júnior (16):
      pg_search_plugin: fix escape chars
      add infra to embed feature
      add infra to embed track block
      add infra to embed track block
      adjust infra to embed track block
      improvements on embed block
      add unit testes to embed block support
      add functional tests to embed block support
      fix typo method name
      change default return value
      allow embed of track card list block
      change embed denied message
      #embed block: add width and height attributes
      #embed block: fix unit tests
      change tagging ui
      css fixes

Gabriela Navarro (5):
      Fix image upload bug when creating a new article.
      user_registration: Add the option on the environment admin panel.
      user_registration: Creates task for the admin to process and cucumber test.
      user_registration: Add CreateUser type on task.rb
      Fixing cucumber tests for moderated registration.

Gust (2):
      Password rate implemented
      city_state_auto_complete: City/State auto-complete for user signup

Hebert Douglas (1):
      Fixed selenium tests and signup join in community check.

Hugo Melo (1):
      Set default timezone as needed by rails 3.2

Joenio Costa (40):
      Documenting setup to enable HTTPS support
      New plugin VariablesPlugin
      Revert "Added a filter to display blocks depending on user"
      Fixing MacrosHelpers tests broken by commit 1cad93
      Use select instead of radio button to choose display options
      Find available plugins looking in the plugins directory
      Remove unused code
      Mark string for translation
      Do not allow edition in textarea with the EMBED code
      Only match numbers for the 'id' param in the embed route
      Blocks can returns a block of code to be evaluated
      Remove unused code
      Change routes from embed controller
      Fix unit tests
      Fix missing variable in funcional test
      Test files should ends with "_test.rb"
      Rename view (rhtml -> html.erb) and hide sideblocks
      Allow mass_assignment on 'noreply_email' and 'signup_welcome_screen_body'
      Removed unused file
      removing blocks from core
      rails3: named_scope -> scope
      rails3: lambda -> proc
      Enable PeopleBlockPlugin by default
      Lots of cosmetic changes and fixing mass-assignment bug
      Create relative symbolic-links when installing plugins
      added piwik plugin
      putting back all references to People, Member and Friends blocks
      fix default title of frieds block
      Revert "putting back all references to People, Member and Friends blocks"
      Fixing cucumber test
      simplifying regex pattern
      removing trailing whitespaces
      Allow 'rowspan' and 'colspan' in Noosfero's contents
      fixing mass-assignment error in units tests
      update DB schema
      test if category is nil before try to get color
      adding some functional tests
      revert some changes made by commit '3d1796'
      Removing EnvironmentStatisticsBlock from core
      Check whitelist members only if environment is restricted

Jose Pedro (3):
      wrong-number-of-persosns-per-page: fixed number of friends per page.
      bug fix: Profile tabs wrong
      created lattes curriculum plugin

João da Silva + Eduardo Morais + Rafael Manzo (1):
      quick-start updated

Junior Silva (8):
      shop-cart-form: displays form in colorbox     AI3288
      making editable ProfileInfoBlock     'def editable' was removed because it was overriding (of Block) and setting to false     AI3298
      shopping-cart-plugin: instance_exec instead of instance_eval     AI3286
      tolerance-time: Proc to fix (undefined method 'environment' for nil:nilClass)
      tolerance-time-plugin: solved permission problems
      Partially fix send_email plugin to work with Rails 3
      remove 'more options' on home search-form (action popup already doesn't exist)     AI3261
      Port send_email plugin to rails3

Larissa Reis (10):
      stoa-plugin: removes obsolete method human_names
      stoa-plugin: fixes stoa's plugin initialization error
      stoa-plugin: allow mass assignment for usp_id and invitation_code
      stoa-plugin-tests: fixes authenticate errors
      stoa-plugin-tests: fixes person_api tests
      stoa-plugin-tests: fixes config.yml loading path
      stoa-plugin-tests: changes lambda to proc
      stoa-plugin-tests: fixes transaction errors with temp stoa database
      stoa-plugin-tests: replaces invalid?
      Fixes remaining custom_forms plugin broken tests

Leandro Alves (1):
      Notice ballon pointer-event: none

Leandro Nunes dos Santos (43):
      rails3: Fix ValidationInfoTest unit test. Change deprecated call for method invalid?(attr) in ActiveModel::Errors class by [:attr].any?
      rails3: Add lib directory on load
      rails3: Fix FeedWriterTest unit tests
      rails3: fix License unit tests
      rails3: change RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER constant to Rails.logger
      Fix ProductCategory unit tests
      Fix MyNetworkBlock unit tests
      Fix LocationBlock unit tests
      Fix CategoriesBlock unit tests
      Fix MembersBlock unit tests
      Fix CommunitiesBlock unit tests
      Fix EnterprisesBlock unit test
      Fix FriendsBlock unit test
      Fix LinkListBlock unit test
      Fix HighlightsBlock unit test
      Fix FeedReaderBlock unit test
      remove not need include
      Fix ContactList unit test
      Fix partially  ArticleBlock unit test
      Fix TextArticle unit test
      Fix ExtendedTag unit test
      Fix AbuseComplaint unit tests
      Fix TagsBlock unit test
      Fix EmailActivation unit test partially
      Rails3: Fix Region unit test
      Rails3: Fix Qualifier unit tests
      Rails3: Fix ProfileCategorizationTest unit tests
      Rails3: Fix Certifier unit tests
      Rails3: Fix EnterpriseActivation unit tests
      Rails3: Fix Noosfero unit tests
      Rails3: Fix Scrap unit tests partially
      Rails3: Fix ContactSender unit tests partially
      Merge branches 'master_colivre' and 'master'
      Choose content type for display
      fixing unit tests
      adding unit tests for choose content types for display
      define empty array as default valur for types
      make profile_editor_extras respond to procs properly
      load article's author only when necessary
      removing eventmachine from Gemfile.lock and adding mocha lib to Gemfile test group
      removing html validation to remove tidy dependency. This library is not mantained anymore. Otherwise there is more effectively method to validate html nowadays
      add require false to mocha gem to avoid lots of unexpected invocation
      removing assert_local_files_reference from test helper and its references. These tests does not make sense

Luciano (1):
      Don't show the strong of password if the field is blank

Luciano Prestes Cavalcanti (3):
      fix zoom image bug: upgrade fancybox version
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)

Luiz Fernando de Freitas Matos (2):
      comment_order_improvement: Add an option to order comments by the newest or oldest comments.
      comment_order_improvement: Add an option to order comments by the newest or oldest comments.

Michal &#268;iha&#345; (5):
      Translated using Weblate (Italian)
      Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
      Translated using Weblate (French)
      Translated using Weblate (German)
      Translated using Weblate (Russian)

Naíla Alves (1):
      upgrading jQuery

Parley Martins (1):
      Fix javascript behavior on comments

Rafael Reggiani Manzo (22):
      GetText dependencies commented for now
      Assets moved from the public and adapted to Rails 3 standard
      ApplicationController with protection from forgery as the Rails 3 standard
      mailers folder created to follow Rails 3 standard
      Environments updated to Rails 3 standard
      Migration issues list
      environment.rb adapted
      Packages required to compile nokogiri via bundle install added to debian/control
      No need of system_timer with Ruby 1.9
      Nokogiri updated so it is compatible with Debian 7 packages
      Rails 2 scripts removed and Rails 3 script added
      application.rb created
      Original boot.rb wiped and added the Rails 3 standard file
      Excepetion notifier uptaded to 3.0.0 (compatible with Rails 3)
      Replaced all occurences of RAILS_ROOT to Rails.root
      environment.rb and application.rb loading looks good
      added utf-8 encoding
      commented 'sqlite_extension' call
      removed fast_xs class
      Issues file updated
      Routes rewritten
      All instances of <% *_form_for ... %> changed to <%= instead of <%

Raquel (3):
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)

Rodrigo Souto (193):
      rails3: adding apt-file as dependecy
      rails3: make factory build method bypass mass-assignment
      rails3: replace build on comment_notifier to avoid mass-assignment
      rails3: update acts_as_versioned to a rails3 compatible version
      rails3: refactor deprecated invalid? of ActiveRecord::Errors from all tests
      rails3: fix mailing tests
      rails3: fix and rewrite task_mailer
      rails3: fix task mail sending calls
      rails3: moving task_mailer to mailers folder
      rails3: minor syntax fix on mailing
      rails3: fix organization_mailing
      rails3: fix contact
      rails3: fix scrap_notifier
      rails3: fix user_mailer
      rails3: fix user_mailer deliver call on user
      rails3: fix pending_task_notifier
      rails3: fix comment_notifier
      rails3: fix email_activation mailer deliver call
      rails3: move environment_mailing to mailers folders
      rails3: fix invitation deliver call
      rails3: fix email_activation
      rails3: fix contact_sender
      rails3: fix mass-assignment for article copy
      rails3: fix mass-assignment on approve_article
      rails3: updating attachment_fu
      rails3: fix mailer deliver
      rails3: avoiding mass-assignment on profile_list_block tests
      rails3: change callback call on delayed_attachment_fu
      rails3: avoiding mass-assignment on article_block tests
      rails3: replace misuse of lambda in the place of proc
      rails3: fix slideshow_block tests
      rails3: fix blog_helper tests
      rails3: fix boxes_helper tests
      rails3: fix cms_helper tests
      rails3: fix add_member tests
      rails3: fix delayed_attachment_fu mass_assignment
      rails3: fix image test
      rails3: fix domain test
      rails3: updating will_paginate library
      rails3: fix folder_helper test
      rails3: fix featured_products_block test
      rails3: fix forum tests
      rails3: fix add_friend test
      rails3: fix content_viewer_helper test
      rails3: fix notify_activity_to_proiles_job tests
      rails3: fix feed_handler tests
      rails3: fix invite_friend tests
      rails3: fix plugin_manager tests
      rails3: fix folder tests
      rails3: fix gallery test
      rails3: replace task_mailer generic_message for send_notification on tests
      rails3: fix change_password tests
      rails3: fix suggest_article tests
      rails3: fix block tests
      rails3: fix products_block test
      [otw] Fixing external feed
      rails3: upgrading delayed_job
      rails3: rewrite Rails.root use to fix/avoid problems
      rails3: fix external_feed tests
      rails3: fix textile_article tests
      rails3: fix input tests
      rails3: fix theme tests
      rails3: fix manager_products_helper tests
      rails3: fix blog and forum tests
      rails3: fix tiny_mce_article tests
      rails3: fix rss_feed tests
      rails3: fix event tests
      rails3: fix mass-assignment on scrap test
      rails3: fix create_enterprise tests
      rails3: fix uploaded_file tests
      rails3: fix community tests
      rails3: fix task tests
      rails3: fix organization tests
      rails3: fix approve_article tests (incomplete)
      rails3: fix enterprise tests
      rails3: fix comment tests
      rails3: fix category tests
      rails3: fix product tests
      rails3: fix user tests
      rails3: fix application_helper tests
      rails3: fix person tests
      rails3: load mock on tests
      rails3: include defaults_for_license to factory
      rails3: fix environment tests
      rails3: update errors add_to_base api
      rails3: return article object on copy instead of true/false
      rails3: define slug based on given name on factories
      rails3: fix article tests
      rails3: rename user mailer class
      rails3: update dispatcher reference
      rails3: fix plugin extensions load
      rails3: remove deprecated terminology method
      rails3: fix merge problem on recent_documents
      rails3: avoid mass-assignment error on test factory
      rails3: change named_scope call on spammable module
      rails3: change file_presenter variable name
      rails3: using mock instead of empty array to avoid stubs on nil
      rails3: use assign_attributes on factory build
      rails3: update schema with tag attributes
      Updating schema version
      Require lib thread on boot to avoid conflict with newer versions of rubygems
      Removing edit-in-place specifics
      Upgrade jquery-timepicker-addon
      Upgrade jquery-ui
      Upgrade jquery to version 2.1.1
      Add redirection_after_signup to attr_accessible on environment
      Fix form_for calls to new api
      Fix old route format
      Using controller instead of @controller on layout helper
      Update named_scope -> scope
      Fix save without validation new api call
      Fix enterprise_activation error field
      Fix tests with delayed_job differences
      Replace instance_eval by instance_exec to avoid api break
      Fix form to new api
      Use top lovel comments count to consider displaying top and bottom post button
      Replace old call to jquery
      Fix categories_menu test
      Fix shopping cart tests
      Fixing google cse tests
      Update send_email_plugin mailer to new format
      Avoid mass-assignment of product profile on product_category test
      Update delayed_job enqueue call to new api
      Removing obsolete helper include on noosfero plugin
      Profile pages no longer have the environment name on the title
      Avoid warning message due to double require of noosfero
      Move test to selenium since it requires and ajax call
      Remove js lib added as submodule
      Reinclude jquery-timepicker-addon not as a submodule
      Move labelled_form_for to new api format
      Remove unused method generate_form
      Fix proper use of instance_eval
      Updating release script
      Removing duplicate tasks
      Updating AUTHORS file
      Bumping version 0.47.2~rc20140515215435
      Adapt varnish config files to new config version
      Revert "Bumping version 0.47.2~rc20140515215435"
      Revert "Updating AUTHORS file"
      wall: correct textarea growing indefinetely
      profile-editor: use timepicker on birth-date field
      profile: allow mass_assignment on notification_time
      Escape special char dash (-) on identifier format
      sample-data: replace rand with sample
      cms-test: test that align is allowed as image attribute on textile
      profile-editor-test: fix update_attributes stubs and pass only necessary to profile_data
      edit-profile: adapt cucumber test to new format of birth-date
      forum: fix cucumber test to not require specific url
      plugins: use foo plugin on cucumber tests
      profile-domain: title no longer carry the network name necessarily
      suggest-article: using selenium to run test that depends on js
      edit-image: fix cucumber test due to test file name conflict
      user-menu: loading user menu on the server-side instead of on the client-side
      admin-categories: fix cucumber tests
      capybara: start server on localhost instead of to avoid host link changes
      edit-profile: update cucumber test to new birth date format
      profile-domain: fix selenium tests
      categories-block: fixing cucumber tests
      publish-article: fix cucumber tests
      Remove unnecessary file
      Updating AUTHORS file
      Bumping version 0.99.0~rc20140618202455
      stoa-plugin: use file relative path on install
      Not display administration link to common users
      user-mailer: move mailer views to correct folder
      Typo fix
      Update schema timestamp
      clickable-images-feature: simulate hover to display zoom link
      comments: fix sort comments
      comment-feature: remove useless test
      edit-article-feature: fix selenium tests
      view-page: avoid multiple render
      forum: allow mass-assignment on :allows_members_to_create_topics
      view-page: fix comment references
      forum-feature: add should see to avoid not finding the link to follow
      edit-profile-features: explicitly blur field to display warning box
      article: add external_link to mass-assignment
      invite-friends: use jQuery to display email template
      invitation-steps: avoid ambiguous link error
      noosfero-steps: use provided email when creating user
      debian-wheezy-dependencies: install bundle without local
      manage-fields-feature: go to right tab before checking option
      input: allow attributes to mass-assignment
      Update form_for and javascript_tag syntax
      manage-inputs: add should see to ensure the follow will work
      manage-inputs: remove test that tabs is remembered
      Update every old syntax of form_for and javascript_tag
      plugins-script: test if there is a features folder before trying to cd it
      profile: refactor profile fields display process
      profile-helper: avoid method name conflict
      Use correct string interpolation method for translation
      Remove peridicity on log_memory_consumption job
      Add support for salted_md5 passwords

Tallys Martins (2):
      User Moderation new support     Added support for using User Moderation and Skip user email activation features together
      AI3036 Fixed bugs on User Moderation

Thiago Zoroastro (1):
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)

Victor Costa (252):
      Add a way to filter by role in members block
      rails3: fix user mailer class name in tests
      rails3: added attr_accessible to uploaded_data
      rails3: fix require from mock file
      rails3: fix file_presenter
      rails3: fix mass-assignment errors
      rails3: fix use of Person.or_scope
      rails3: fix some profile tests
      rails3: replace acts_as_taggable_on_steroids by acts-as-taggable-on
      rails3: fix observer creation for models in user_stamp
      rails3: fix tests related to controllers listing in noosfero_test
      rails3: fix tests related to upload_file
      rails3: fix article_block tests
      rails3: adapt tag_counts method to the new tag plugin
      rails3: fix time zone issue
      rails3: fix params from routes with wildcards
      rails3: fix tags_block
      rails3: fix products_block
      rails3: custom methods assert_difference and assert_no_difference removed
      rails3: fix blog_archives_block
      rails3: fix comment_helper_test
      rails3: load will_paginate backwards compatibility
      rails3: added prototype-rails dependency
      rails3: include PrototypeHelper on article_helper
      rails3: fix slideshow_block_test
      rails3: fix profile_categorization_test
      rails3: fix recent_documents_block_test
      rails3: remove old code from article
      rails3: fix blog
      rails3: added plugins initialization file
      rails3: fix tests in article_test related to profile assignment
      rails3: fix tests related to TaskMailer
      rails3: rename *.rhtml to *.html.erb
      rails3: fix mass-assignment errors on functional tests
      rails3: added alias to profile route
      rails3: fix creation of plugins filter
      rails3: fix render of access denied page
      rails3: fix html escape in json
      rails3: change from lambda to proc
      rails3: fix stylesheet tag on old application layout
      rails3: fix json ecape
      rails3: update views of search controller
      rails3: fix some controller tests
      rails3: output the results of form_tag
      rails3: change from lambda to proc
      rails3: change from request.request_uri to request.url
      rails3: fix assert_template that references rhtml
      rails3: fix action_tracker
      rails3: fix broken links
      rails3: fix json escape for profile views
      rails3: fix some functional tests
      rails3: fix sample data scripts
      rails3: fix csv generation
      rails3: fix spam_controller
      rails3: fix block edition
      rails3: output the result of form_tag
      rails3: fix link_list_block
      rails3: add route alias to tag_feed
      rails3: fix account_controller
      rails3: fix comment_controller
      rails3: fix public_path from plugins
      rails3: fix uses_host method
      rails3: fix count on paginated collections
      rails3: output html tags
      rails3: fix some functional tests
      rails3: use settings_items for limit on rss_feed
      rails3: fix themes_controller
      rails3: fix mass assignment for profile.is_template atttribute
      rails3: fix assert_kind_of Array
      rails3: fix search_controller tests
      rails3: fix tests of profile_members_controller
      rails3: move zip_code, city, state and country settings to organization
      rails3: fix profile_editor_controller tests
      rails3: fix profile_controller tests
      rails3: add rails_autolink to gemfile
      rails3: fix birthday validation
      rails3: fix some unit tests
      rails3: fix user unit tests
      rails3: set allowed tags for sanitization
      rails3: fix user_activation_job_test
      rails3: fix catalog tests
      rails3: fix cms_controller tests
      rails3: fix chat_controller tests
      rails3: fix profile_controller tests
      rails3: add attributes to attr_accessible
      rails3: fix manage_products_controller tests
      rails3: fix enterprive_validation_controller tests
      rails3: fix enterprive_registration_controller tests
      rails3: fix ajax requests with csrf protection
      rails3: fix cucumber initialization
      rails3: fix some cucumber tests
      rails3: adjust vote_fu to rails3
      rails3: fix unit tests
      rails3: rename files from rhtml to html.erb
      rails3: fix controller tests
      rails3: fix the use of helper_for_article with url_for
      rails3: fix some cucumber tests
      rails3: rename theme files to .html.erb
      rails3: fix button with specified format
      rails3: fix integration tests
      rails3: fix cucumber tests
      rails3: fix profile_controller
      rails3: replace iconv with transliterate
      rails3: fix community test related to action_tracker
      rails3: fix person_test that was depending of db order
      rails3: fix html display for short format on articles
      rails3: using test environment for cucumber task
      rails3: fix cucumber tests related to profile link
      rails3: fix breadcrumbs plugin
      rails3: fix plugin routes
      rails3: fix comment_group plugin
      rails3: fix community_block plugin
      rails3: fix community_track plugin
      rails3: fix container_block plugin
      rails3: fix context_content block
      rails3: fix display_content plugin
      rails3: fix video_block plugin
      rails3: fix work_assignment plugins
      rails3: fix plugin initialization
      rails3: search for partial class in reverse order
      rails3: small fixes
      rails3: fix vote plugin
      rails3: load gemfile from plugins
      rails3: fix active record for plugins
      rails3: remove unused code from plugin mailer class
      rails3: fix spaminator plugin
      rails3: fix ldap plugin
      rails3: fix conflict with two activated plugins that has extensions.
      rails3: fix sub_organizations plugin
      rails3: count over queries with includes does not work
      rails3: fix recent_content plugin
      rails3: fix anti_spam plugin
      rails3: added symlinks to plugin assets
      rails3: fix broken tests after merge with master
      rails3: fix comment_classification plugin
      rails3: fix custom_forms plugin
      rails3: return proc to render content of display_content_block
      Added a way to display blocks only to logged/not logged users
      Added a filter to display blocks depending on user
      rails3: added attributes to attr_accessible of environment
      Set relative path to images and link on TextArticle
      Fix cloning blocks at environment_design
      relevant_content: remove trailing spaces
      relevant_content: change block configuration to allow all positions
      relevant_content: refactoring most accessed from article
      added tests for welcome screen settings
      rails3: added dalli gem as memcached client
      rails3: serve assets to keep the old noosfero behaviour
      Update acts_as_list plugin
      video: fix youtube id format
      Limit creation of article versions
      display_content: fix edition when a selected article was removed
      display_content: fix broken test
      rails3: fix cucumber tests
      rails3: fix render of private profile
      rails3: disable controller caching
      rails3: fix uploaded_file migration
      rails3: fix route for embed content
      rails3: fix unit tests
      rails3: rename rhtml to html.erb
      rails3: fix functional tests
      rails3: fix plugin tests
      rails3: fix escape of javascript
      rails3: refactoring interface for category selection
      rails3: fix menu for comment actions
      rails3: load prototype first to avoid js conflicts
      display_content: added migration to update sections attribute
      display_content: fix javascript needed for tabs
      display_content: set default content types to display
      display_content: ignore removed articles
      rails3: fix ActiveRecord extension at access_control
      rails3: fix some access_control tests
      rails3: change default jquery-ui theme
      rails3: use cookie to store csrf token
      rails3: display debug output for view errors
      Avoid infinite loop on username suggestion
      rails3: fix comment_group plugin
      rails3: fix js escape on search menu
      rails3: rename rhtml from display_content plugin
      rails3: fix profile_list_block query
      rails3: fix profile members management
      rails3: fix change image from profile
      rails3: fix encoding
      display_content: include profile when list items
      rails3: fix people_block plugin
      rails3: fix people_block translation
      rails3: fix inclusion of theme's js
      Added an option to make a environment private
      Allow only members in a whitelist to access an anvironment
      Use tokeninput to edit members whitelist
      Add a option to enable whitelist in the environment
      Fix and refactor link list block edition
      Fix comment_form_extra_contents hotspot
      Added whitelist settings fields to attr_accessible
      rails3: fix display_content plugin
      Fix sender email at person_notifier
      rails3: fix inclusion of theme's js
      Search by identifier on whitelist edition
      display_content: fix performance issue
      view-page: fix comment list
      external-feed: fix timezone issue in test
      manage-users: fix selenium tests
      Speed up selenium tests
      Fix article versioning page
      Fix back button of article versions page
      Added image_builder to attr_accessible on article
      Fix visualization of forum posts
      Fix encoding for columns serialized with YAML
      Fix plugin routes with profile
      relevant_content: fix mass assignment on edition
      Fix css of login box when in a profile page
      Fix cucumber step definitions
      Fix javascript for join and leave communities
      Removes dependency of SystemTimer from ruby-bosh
      Fix chat.js with new jquery-ui tab api
      Rename views of plain text emails from html.erb to text.erb
      comment_group: small fix in macro js
      Fix communities listing when sub_organizations plugin is enabled
      Fix recaptcha colorbox panel in comment form
      Fix comment pagination in profile wall
      Fix routes for base plugins
      Set default tag context for article taggings
      Fix the use of exception notification
      Change the category color selection to use a colorpicker component.
      community_track: added background color to track card
      community_track: add color to track name
      Add Task model to fix yaml encoding migration
      gettext: fix string extraction and runtime usage
      people_block: fix cache expiration of members_block
      container_block: fix the use of container blocks with templates
      Fix partial for class method
      Fix agenda links for days that has events
      Fix report abuse
      Fix access denied view for uploaded files in private profiles
      Fixes focus on first input when post a comment
      Fix require_auth_to_comment show/hide behavior of comment button
      Fix creation of profile templates when extra fields are required
      Refactoring extra fields validation for organizations
      Allow trusted url without protocol for iframe in tinymce
      community_block: fix tests
      community_track: fix tests
      Fix plugins_tests task
      comment_group: fix more link
      Fix mail sending at send_notification method
      Fix task_mailer tests
      Fix role kind resolution
      Fix some of access_control tests
      people_block: fix tests
      Fix environment role edition
      people_block: fix listing of members with included relations
      Fix listing of profile members with included relations
      Avoid ambiguity in members_by_name

alcampelo (1):
      Suggest available username

analosnak (2):
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
      Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)

juniorsilva (1):
      script-sample-data: fixed script sample-data errors on some records     AI3091

tallys (1):
      Refactoring "perform" method on CreateUser task and "signup" method on AccountController

Ábner Silva de Oliveira (2):
      added welcome screen tab as a option in noosfero admin page
      added attribute_accebibles in video_block and fixed bug on article toolbar (delete, spread actions) when showing upload file in content_viewer

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Version 1.0
Release 22 Dec 2014
Status Done
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