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Network description is the communication platform of the Universidade de Brasília - Faculdade Gama. Used by teachers and students of the following courses: Undergraduate courses:
  • Aerospace Engineering;
  • Automotive Engineering;
  • Electronic Engineering;
  • Power Engineering;
  • Software Engineering;

  • Clinical Engineering;
  • Modeling of Complex Systems (distance).

And the Master courses:
  • Biomedical Engineering;
  • Integrity of Materials Engineering.

The majority of the content is public and transparent. The Portal provides the possibility of user registration, moderated by the development team of LAPPIS UnB-FGA (Laboratório Avançado de Produção, Pesquisa e Inovação de Software).

Technical peculiarities

The theme used is in the following repository:


portal-fga-home-mini Home page of the Portal UnB-FGA. Página_Software

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