Noosfero supports* newrelic_rpm, fiveruns_tuneup and rails performance testing for profiling.

* See code at


Edit config/database.yml and config/solr.yml to create the profiling environment. Replace the development definition to:
    development: &DEVELOPMENT

And add the profiling environment:



Install profile tools:
gem install fiveruns_tuneup
gem install newrelic_rpm

To use newrelic_rpm and fiveruns_tuneup run the webserver using the 'profiling' environment:

script/server thin -e profiling

NOTE: newrelic_rpm is incompatible with fiveruns_tuneup enabled. Disable the latter to use the former. (See config/environment.rb and config/environments/profiling.rb)


fiveruns_tuneup will show up in the top of every page.

newrelic_rpm reports are accessible at '/newrelic'

To run a performance test use:

RAILS_ENV=profiling script/performance/profiler test/performance/script.rb


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