Feature: Social Network

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Action item Version Status
#1303: Profile activity 0.26.0 Done
#1399: Add pagination to the community members screen 0.22.2? NoFeedback?
#1400: Procedure after last administrator leaves community 0.28.0 Done
#1405: Put icon in Manage Groups 0.23.0? Done
#1411: Crash when invite members using custom message 0.22.2? NoFeedback?
#1430: suddenly expelled from the community N/A Rejected
#1448: allow users with same login and e-mail in different environments 0.23.0? Done
#1458: Report abuse 0.34.2 Rejected
#1471: Highlight description of profile 0.24.0 Done
#1472: A profile may be visible in more then only one environment   Rejected
#1483: Community member list is not showing all persons N/A Pending
#1490: Envite friends to enter in a community is working as invite to environment 0.37.0 Rejected
#1531: Create a microblog block N/A WaitingForReview?
#1534: Cannot approve/reject task when invited by email 0.23.4 NoFeedback?
#1537: OneSocialWeb API Support to allow decentralized social services   Pending
#1539: Cannot invite a friend to be a member of my community N/A Pending
#1547: empty profile description being shown 0.24.1 Done
#1554: OStatus open standard to allow decentralized social services   Rejected
#1571: Unify Cross-Server Comments with Salmon   Pending
#1572: Decentralized notification system with PubSubHubbub   Pending
#1573: Person Information by Webfinger   Working
#1583: Can't add person as member of enterprise 0.25.0 Done
#1586: support logging in with Facebook and Twitter accounts N/A Working
#1587: Quick links balloon 0.26.0 Done
#1588: Better profile listings 0.26.0 Done
#1609: include comment title and body in notification e-mails 0.26.0 Done
#1621: 'Join this community' popup breaks with http caching N/A Pending
#1627: Allow themes to override the default icons for prople, communities, enterprises and map markers 0.26.0 Done
#1679: Improvments to XMPP chat 0.26.0 Done
#1682: Same person as member of enterprise more than once in Members block 0.27.0 Done
#1684: Not track activity about Feed article 0.27.1 Rejected
#1696: unify code for generating speech bubbles   Done
#1704: Send e-mail when a scrap is sent 0.26.0 Done
#1714: Duplicate notifications 0.26.0 Done
#1717: Privacy settings 0.39.0 Done
#1718: Notification settings N/A Pending
#1719: The wall link shown on scrap e-mail notification is not correct 0.26.0 Done
#1740: We are getting error messages from DelayedJob 0.26.0 Done
#1745: Profile activity showing older things before newer ones 0.27.1 Rejected
#1752: Profile activities should be grouped based on creation time 0.26.0 Done
#1785: Problems with profile visualization 0.28.1 Done
#1786: Persons with two connections to communities or friends   Rejected
#1800: Option for prioritize profiles with image in the ProfileListBlocks 0.29.0 Done
#1810: Browse people page is weird 0.28.5 Done
#1812: Gif images are showed bigger than needed in profile activity 0.28.3 Done
#1813: Giving less emphasis to activities' date and using less space 0.28.0 Done
#1826: Join wall with activities 0.38.0 Done
#1847: Private profile shouldn't allow viewing of the activities 0.28.3 Done
#1874: Problems with profile visualization *again* 0.28.6 Done
#1875: People pagination lead to page with no one 0.28.6 Done
#1876: Pending tasks link doesn't appear when I login at first time N/A Pending
#1884: Missing template to render join_not_logged action requested by GET method 0.28.6 Done
#1899: Errors when downloading list of users in CSV 0.29.3 Done
#1916: Impossible to give admin role to a member when approve a task 0.30.1 Done
#1942: Use nickname in tracked actions instead of fullname N/A Pending
#1971: Block of profile listing isn't random enough 0.31.2 Done
#1972: Offer propper image and description of page when share with Facebook 0.30.2 Done
#1995: Community moderation options are not inherited from template N/A Pending
#2004: Facilitade the blocking of unwanted profiles by admin N/A Pending
#2018: ActionTracker tracks when people adds enterprise as favorite   Pending
#2048: Terms of use returns nil disapeared but there is value in database 0.31.4 Done
#2053: Alert box about the organization URL change not closes on IE 0.32.0 Done
#2060: Problems with profile visualization *again, again* N/A Rejected
#2073: Duplicated Join Communinty 0.35.2 Rejected
#2074: Report abuse 0.33.0 WaitingForFeedback?
#2087: Add BSC as favorite (RF08) 0.33.0 Done
#2105: Disable models N/A Pending
#2131: Address of private profiles are public 0.34.1 Done
#2375: Subscribe users to be notified about comments on article 0.39.0 Done
#2388: Send emails to community members 0.39.0 Done
#2499: related-oganizations block for SubOrganizationsPlugin 0.47.0 Done
#2610: Rich Meta Information 0.47.0 Done
#2628: Hard to identify scraps written/answered on communites 0.45.1 Done
#2642: Ensure to display the social features of the viewing profile for logged-in users   Pending
#2646: Listing Friends   Pending
#2718: How activity notifications should work on the wall   NeedInfo?
#2719: It should be possible to comment on all kinds of scraps and comments.   NeedInfo?
#2733: Notify communities being deleted   Pending
#2734: Create a user network interface   Pending
#2781: Some fields aren't displayed anywhere   Working
#2786: Vote on articles and comments 0.47.0 Done
#2815: Provide basic federation features   Pending
#2818: User can't see friend's old activities   Working
#2825: List mother organizations as subscribed community for persons in sub-orgs 0.47.0 Done
#2855: Games plugin   Pending
#3024: Only admins can interact with private communities   Pending
#3096: Join community on signup 0.48.0 Done
#3147: Can't edit Profile 0.48.0 Done
#3234: Suggest friends and communities to users   Working
#3239: Makes the concept of Spread broader 0.49.0, N/A WaitingForFeedback?
#415: removing a friend does remove me from her/his friends list N/A Rejected
#425: Noosfero Public API — a web-service API N/A Working
#846: Add trackback/pingback features   Pending
#903: need a consistent way of retrieving city/state/country from profiles N/A Pending
#960: related communities/groups N/A Rejected

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Name Social Network
Topic revision: r3 - 30 Nov 2011 - 14:54:36 - AurelioAHeckert

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