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  rev 3 by ValessioBrito
Well, the idea is to develop a simple plugin to start the development of gamification on Noosfero through participation in communities. About gamification: How the plugin works The administrator of ...
  rev 17 by AurelioAHeckert
The way as noosfero displays the available blocks in system for adding tends to get confused when the list of blocks increases. This proposal aims to facilitate the addition of blocks by allowing the user to drag and drop new blocks to the desired location ...
  rev 4 by DanielaFeitosa
Message error when try to see a topic forum when not logged in: ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `is member of?' for nil:NilClass) on line #5 of app/views/content viewer/ article toolbar.rhtml: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 'cms' ...
  rev 4 by AurelioAHeckert
How it may work: The env admin sets a key:value list with community identifier and member label. Example: teachers Teacher council Councillor criminal lawyers Lawyer The main application layout ...
  rev 3 by AurelioAHeckert
Steps: Evaluation of the chat's current situation Make it work the way it is now. Design/Mockup new interface Implement interface Create debian package to install chat .RodrigoSouto 14 Aug 2014 Mover todo o código para um ...
  rev 3 by JuniorSilva
branch master .JuniorSilva 17 Sep 2014 Action Controller: Exception caught 2014 09 17 13 19 08.png: Added merge request requests/340 JuniorSilva 15 Oct 2014
  rev 161 by JuniorSilva
This page is for organization and documentation of Noosfero's Rails 3 migration. We've listed a conceptual separation of the Noosfero's features that must be tested in order to find out critical bugs and ensure a stable Noosfero's Rails 3 version. You ...
  rev 7 by DanielaFeitosa
Creating themes is a easy way to match the design and some basic elements of noosfero with own requirements. Some elementary Elements like the CSS Style, Images but also the links on the top menu and the footer can be modified. Themes are disposed in ...
  rev 18 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
This guide will setup a fundamental server necessary, among others, for password recovery and tasks notifications, which is the email server. See also SettingEnvironmentContactEmail for proper sender address setup. Testing your configuration On the ...
  rev 5 by JuniorSilva
Organization image not uploaded on registering after trying to register with empty name. Steps to reproduce 1 step 1 Go to new community page 1 step 2 Choose an image 1 step 3 Click on create button 1 step 4 An empty field error ...
  rev 50 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
This way to install dependencies intends to break the barrier that currently exists in Noosfero, making it very system specific. Noosfero is deployed and developed on Debian Stable. So to make possible to do that on any system, this RVM and GEMs based ...
  rev 335 by WikiGuest
Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Sep 2014 109191 104 3 3936 WebHome 2361 ActionItemsBy 2277 ActionItem2742 ...
  rev 4 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
Add a default mailer layout in app/views/layouts Support rendering partials Set host on urls automically using environment set on the mailer Inline CSS with premailer .BraulioBhavamitraBO 23 Feb 2014 ...
  rev 2 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
Upgrade solr plugin to rails3 requests/321 BraulioBhavamitraBO 20 Sep 2014
  rev 3 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
When upgrading to rails 3, the solr plugin must change the way it uses the named scope. Testing environment .DanielTygel 01 Sep 2014 Done togheter with AI3293 BraulioBhavamitraBO 20 Sep 2014
  rev 2 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
The problem happens with the feed: .BraulioBhavamitraBO 17 Sep 2014 requests/319 BraulioBhavamitraBO 17 Sep 2014
  rev 5 by DanielaFeitosa
A Funcionalidade "Divulgar" para artigos, atualmente tem facilitado a promoção de SPAM dentro da rede; Espalhando/Criando um mesmo Artigo em diversos locais (o que imagino ser "Replicar" e não "Divulgar"); A proposta para reformular a função "Divulgar ...
  rev 3 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
fix path and init loading order to be as in noosfero rails2. This was a regression from rails 3, so we're making a fix in the core . requests/311 BraulioBhavamitraBO 03 Sep 2014
  rev 3 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
Load tasks from plugins as in noosfero rails2. This is a regression from rails2 to rails3. So we are doing a fix in core. requests/310 BraulioBhavamitraBO 03 Sep 2014
  rev 2 by GabrielaNavarro
Image doesn't behave as optional field in singup page correctly, even if it's enabled on environment, no option is given for user upload an image in singup form. Steps to reproduce 1 As environment's admin, go to /admin/features/manage fields 1 ...
  rev 1 by DanielTygel
Hoje quando um usuário visita uma comunidade, ele verá o botão "entrar" se ele não é parte, ou o botão "sair" se já é parte. O problema é que pode parecer que seja simplesmente o ato de ver os conteúdos, e não de associar e se desligar. Por isso, propomos ...
  rev 1 by DanielTygel
Just click at "edit basic information" and you'll see the mess in the place where we can add qualifiers. .DanielTygel 11 Sep 2014
  rev 1 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
Run pp ActionController::Base.view paths on console to see app/views first .BraulioBhavamitraBO 10 Sep 2014 requests/317 BraulioBhavamitraBO 10 Sep 2014
  rev 2 by JoenioCosta
Atenção: Esta página documenta como instalar o Noosfero para uso em produção. Se você quiser configurar um ambiente de desenvolvimento, por favor, siga as instruções do arquivo e da página "Introdução ao desenvolvimento Noosfero". Passo ...
  rev 2 by JoenioCosta
Sugestão interessante de Amadeu em: Informações sobre possibilidades de integração com Flickr: .JoenioCosta 07 Jul 2009
  rev 2 by JoenioCosta
split the fields date, author and comment link add new div inner main content div
  rev 13 by JoenioCosta
Community agenda will list only its events. In left side will have the calendar, an in right side, the list of events, of the choosen date. By default, the events of day are listed. .DanielaFeitosa 23 Sep 2009 AntonioTerceiro 23 Sep 2009 see also ...
  rev 4 by JoenioCosta
NoMethodError: undefined method `visible ' for nil:NilClass /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/active support/whiny nil.rb:52:in `method missing' app/models/user.rb:120:in `activate' Steps to reproduce 1 run script/sample data Testing environment .JoenioCosta ...
  rev 3 by JuniorSilva
The ProfileInformation block does not display the edit option for communities. Steps to reproduce 1 Create a profile information block on a community 1 Go to Edit Side Block 1 See that the edit block is not visible Testing environment http ...
  rev 1 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
A Pathname is returned instead of a String on get layout and rails can't handle it. .BraulioBhavamitraBO 03 Sep 2014 requests/315 BraulioBhavamitraBO 03 Sep 2014
  rev 2 by JuniorSilva
cart form doesn't load in shopping cart plugin colorbox .JuniorSilva 28 Aug 2014 Added merge request: requests/312 JuniorSilva 03 Sep 2014
  rev 1 by DanielaFeitosa
The problem is caused by the css included with suborganization plugin that is too generic and overwrites default padding: On plugins/sub organizations/public/style.css #main content wrapper 8 ul{ padding left: 0; } Text on WYSIWYG: ...
  rev 1 by AurelioAHeckert
In a school env we want to visit a profile and know it is a teacher or a student. In a enterprise env we want to view a forum comment and know it comes from a director or a lawyer. This plugin will allow the admin to select communities for classification ...
  rev 2 by DanielTygel
As a user (teacher), I want to be able to create a community virtual class room gamified In order to apply gamification in teaching and motivate students like this site .JosePedroDeSantanaNeto 30 Aug 2014 Hi José Pedro, ...
  rev 1 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
First, move all files from /var/lib/awstats as awstats will ignore old data if newer data is present. Then run something similar: for l in `ls tr noosfero.access `; do sudo /usr/lib/cgi bin/ config LogFile $l update; done ...
  rev 2 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
For environments with KeepAlive and constant upgrades, caching may make upgrades very slow. This is the case of Blogoosfero and Cirandas. The purpose is to noosfero.yml to specify that options. .BraulioBhavamitraBO 09 Apr 2014 ...
  rev 1 by ParleyMartins
An environment admin may be able to deactivate or reactivate a profile. As an admin I want to deactivate/activate a profile To manage spam profiles .ParleyMartins 28 Aug 2014
  rev 3 by JoenioCosta
nop EnvironmentStatisticsBlock is DEPRECATED in favor of nop StatisticsPlugin and will be removed from the Noosfero core in this release. Note que any nop EnvironmentStatisticsBlock still in use in any environment will be removed from the database by ...
  rev 2 by JuniorSilva
shopping cart plugin doesn't works in manage products .JuniorSilva 26 Aug 2014 Action Controller: Exception caught 2014 08 26 17 57 37.png: Unfortunately, instance eval does not currently allow you to pass parameters. In Ruby 1.9 instance ...
  rev 2 by JoenioCosta .MarceloLimaJunior 13 Aug 2014
  rev 4 by DavidCarlos
As an administrator I want ban a specific user through Manage User page in administration In order to delete an user register from BD Observations This action is going to be performed by clicking in a new button on Manage User similarly as "Set ...
  rev 1 by LeandroNunes
Action items tagged with "" New Bug New Feature span.percentage100, span.statusDone { text decoration: line through; } Sort the table with highest priority items on top %DBQUERY{ " (topic 'ActionItem 0 9 ') AND (Tags ~ '') AND !(Status ...
  rev 1 by DavidCarlos
As an administrator I want send an email when i ban a specific user through Manage User page in administration In order notify the user. .DavidCarlos 26 Aug 2014
  rev 3 by ArthurEsposte
As a user, I want to be able to show my lattes curriculum on my profile. In order to show my curriculum. Comments PostgreSQL's hstore may be a good solution to import this data as free form field value solution to lattes or other non planed data ...
  rev 1 by MarceloLimaJunior .MarceloLimaJunior 25 Aug 2014
  rev 1 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
This is default method for translating Noosfero, and it is also used by many free software. Add or update message Update directly on po/lang!/noosfero.po with the source file, msgid and msgstr , near similiar places where the message appears ...
  rev 27 by BraulioBhavamitraBO
See Getting started with Noosfero development and How to Install . 2. Create an nop ActionItem At the left menu of this wiki, use the 'Quick item creation' to describe a new bug or feature . 3. Branch setup Fork official noosfero repository ...
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