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Noosfero is a web platform for social and solidarity economy networks with blog, e-Porfolios, CMS, RSS, thematic discussion, events agenda and collective inteligence for solidarity economy in the same system! Get to know, use it, participate and contribute to this free software project!

Noosfero version 0.47.3 released!

20 Jun, 2014


Date Action Status
19/06/2014 Final Release DONE


Arthur Del Esposte (1):
      AI3131 - fixing bug in add image to articles, header and footer

Daniela Soares Feitosa (5):
      Merge branch 'AI3131' of into AI3131
      Allowing directly download of images
      Fixed migration: avoid validation on form update
      Destroying forms when its profile is destroyed
      Bumping version 0.47.3

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Noosfero version 0.47.2 released!

13 Jun, 2014



Antonio Terceiro (1):
      initscript: don't assume $HOME = $NOOSFERO_DIR

Aurelio A. Heckert (2):
      Makes folder listing context-able
      Rename articles_list.rhtml to content_list.rhtml

Braulio Bhavamitra (13):
      Validate products per page
      Rename enterprise variables to profile
      Index filtered fields on Task
      Remove disabled enterprise message
      Support plugins' profiles on view_for_profile_actions
      Fix duplicate author folder creation and duplicate save of work assignments
      Update acts_as_solr_reloaded
      Fix error on development
      Run solr_destroy with delayed_job
      application-helper: Change name to identify other types of profiles
      Add new facet of profile type on profiles' searches
      Only show public enterprises/communities to manage
      Block robots on search

Daniela Soares Feitosa (2):
      Fixed message explaining cell on spaminator report
      Fixed strings on es translation

Junior Silva (9):
      edit-side-block: fixed colorbox break     AI2793
      image-diff-overflow: fixed image's overflow on versioned article view     AI3107
      change-password-permission: disabled change password to user without login     AI3148
      Merge branch 'stable' of into image-diff-overflow
      image-diff-overflow: added improvements in css     AI3107
      image-diff-overflow: delete empty line in css     AI3107
      topic-forum: allow the author to edit and delete your own topic     AI3135
      topic-forum: implemented view tests     AI3135
      topic-forum: implemented final test to author topic permissions     AI3135

Rodrigo Souto (27):
      Merge branch 'ai3105' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3111' of into brauliobo/noosfero-ai3111
      shopping-cart: view_path must be appended and the module inclusion should be outside the controller
      Merge branch 'ai3123' of into brauliobo/noosfero-ai3123
      my-network-block: pass class to render_profile_actions
      Merge branch 'edit-side-block' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3127' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3129' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'stable' of into stable
      Merge branch 'ai3145' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'image-diff-overflow' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'change-password-permission' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3157' into 'stable'
      db-schema: Add tasks new indexes
      Merge branch 'ai3108' into 'stable'
      shopping-cart: refactor cart_helper inclusion and removing unnecessary append_view_path
      Merge branch 'stable' of into stable
      Merge branch 'ai3134' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'AI3158-icons-in-folder' into 'stable'
      profile-wall: temporary fix to scrap box growing indefinetely
      profile-test: avoid randomness (again...)
      account-controller-test: must be logged to access change_password
      work-assignment: use user name to slug instead of identifier on user folder slug
      Update po files
      products-block: fetch sample products without load all products on the memory
      Updating AUTHORS file
      Bumping version 0.47.2

juniorsilva (2):
      topic-forum: testing specific tag presence     AI3135
      script-sample-data: fixed script sample-data errors on some records     AI3091

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Social Networks running Noosfero

Stoa: social network for USP university's academics.

CIRANDAS: network for integration, articulation and information of Solidarity Economy actors in Brazil. the social network for integration and information for the Brazilian free software comunity.

Other networks...

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