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Noosfero is a web platform for social and solidarity economy networks with blog, e-Porfolios, CMS, RSS, thematic discussion, events agenda and collective inteligence for solidarity economy in the same system! Get to know, use it, participate and contribute to this free software project!

Noosfero version 0.46.3 released!

17 Apr, 2014



Braulio Bhavamitra (8):
      Change to Manage Products/Services (as in catalog)
      Associate EnterpriseActivation with Task's target
      Finish EnterpriseActivation for enabled enterprises
      Use https on addthis urls
      Prefix missing partials
      Fix use of tinymce on enterprise homepage
      Disable cache
      Use I18n fallbacks and default_locale

Daniela Soares Feitosa (4):
      fix: added more info on cache_key of members_block
      Fixed translations
      Added pagination on events
      Added pagination on events_by_day on profile agenda

Joenio Costa (1):
      Check if table exists before try to use it in the Rails initializers

Junior Silva (4):
      invite-member: implemented initial test
      invite-member: fixed inviteMember crash when community is destroyed     AI3054
      zoom-article-image: added 'show_zoom_button_on_article_images' in 'enable_default_features' method     AI3086
      zoom-article-image: enabling zoom button on article images by default     AI3086

Rodrigo Souto (34):
      Merge branch 'stable' of into stable
      anti_spam_plugin: fix comment_handler loop
      Merge branch 'stable' of into stable
      view-page: do not count hits on bot access
      feed-handler: remove logger flood on processing feed
      tags-helper: avoiding randomness on tests
      search-test: fix missing person creation
      plugins-test: improve infra to allow running tests individually
      file-presenter: file presenter always displays an html version of the file with the link to the original file
      recent-content-block: avoid test failure due to randomness
      content-viewer-controller: user_is_a_bot consider possible empty user_agent
      content-viewer-controller-test: adapt tests to new file_presenter infras
      short-filename: feature test removed since this is being implemented through css now
      comment-features: remove test that is hanging forever
      tags-helper-test: avoid iconv unpredicatable order with accents
      balloon-feature: login to avoid browser cache
      categories-block-feature: displaying hidden buttom-bar
      manage-enterprises-feature: make sure the option to display manage_enterprise is enabled
      anti-spam-plugin-wrapper: ensure to load concrete wrappers
      community-track-plugin: fix tests by creating a profile with default boxes
      comment-group-plugin: avoid randomness on tests
      Avoid randomness on tests
      Merge branch 'ai3051' of into brauliobo/noosfero-ai3051
      Remove spaces
      Merge branch 'stable' of into stable
      Merge branch 'ai3052' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3055' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3067' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3081' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3082' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3085' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'invite-member' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'zoom-article-image' into 'stable'
      Bumping version 0.46.3

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Noosfero version 0.46.2 released!

20 Mar, 2014



Braulio Bhavamitra (7):
      Correctly initialize theme
      Don't show p if empty
      Move title to name on uploaded files
      Replace contact_email with noreply_email on environment
      Rename contact_email with noreply_email when pertinent
      Rename fields on shopping cart configuration
      Translate layout template strings

Rodrigo Souto (34):
      file-presenter: add base_class to allow encapsulated content polymorphic relations
      file-presenter: pass kind_of? to the encapsulated file
      tolerance-time-plugin: use base_class instead of hard-coded class name
      Merge branch 'ai3041' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai3016' into 'stable'
      Merge branch 'ai2979' into 'stable'
      file_presenter: display unknown type when file has no content_type
      Merge branch 'stable' of into stable
      schema: add index for article and profile search order filters
      schema: adding cache counter fields for friends/members and activities count
      person: register and use friends_count to fetch most_popular people
      action_tracker: register and use activities_count to fetch most_active profile
      test_helper: improve assert_order output
      organization: register and use members_count to fetch most_popular organizations
      action_tracker: moving activities_count triggers to a lib
      delayed_job: log job's failure backtrace
      delayed_job: let max_run_time be the default value
      schema: adding index for products search
      person: fix tests
      cache-counter: update counter straight on database skipping callbacks and validations
      profile-tests: reload models to get updated counts
      organization-test: fix action_tracker creation
      search-optimizations: fix broken tests
      Merge branch 'search-optimizations' into stable
      Merge branch 'ai2990' of into brauliobo/noosfero-ai2990
      theme: allow multi-level inheritance on approved_themes owner_type
      Merge branch 'ai3050' of into brauliobo/noosfero-ai3050
      Merge branch 'ai3028' of into brauliobo/noosfero-ai3028
      delayed-job: comment delayed_job log due to log size problems
      uploaded_file: not overwrite name with filename if it is already set
      content-viewer: remove obsolete test
      noreply-email: fix tests related to noreply changes
      uploaded_file: remove activities before testing to avoid failure
      Bumping version 0.46.2

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Social Networks running Noosfero

Stoa: social network for USP university's academics.

#dilmanarede: social network used in Brazil Presidency Campaign in 2010 by Rousseff.

Qualipso Community: international network of persons and organizations interested in software quality applied to FOSS.

CIRANDAS: network for integration, articulation and information of Solidarity Economy actors in Brazil. the social network for integration and information for the Brazilian free software comunity.

Other networks...

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