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#1289: better support for third-party themes

Type: FeatureItem Feature:   Tags: zen3
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From: "Everton J. Carpes" <...>
Subject: required observations and tips about new themes development or customization


The points that i highlight was:

  * less or nothing about predefined styles. predefined stylesheets on
Noosfero works against theme developer, that must workaround it to give
expected results.
  * when art was created by a foreign designer and should be implemented by
developers on Noosfero or just like me, it should be better described from
the begin. First, all importante stuffs on sitemap should be displayed,
elements from Noosfero should be well know by designer before the creation
of Theme. When we are working on SEIE theme, some common elements of
Noosfero simple doesn't exist on them, and more the creator not think about
small resolutions or since about internal pages where the system has no
lateral menus. Avoid the creation of conceptual art or upfront design stuffs
before talk with developers and before know WELL Noosfero elements.
  * incitate designs to use advantages of Noosfero good markup features.
Noosfero can roll very well on flexible layouts, so avoid designers to
create static size resolutions
  * dinamyc behaviors like ones created by JS on the systema should ALL OF
THEM, can be turned off
  * Art components, like Logos, should have a standarized way to be changed.
Explain better: when we work on Zen3 3Colors variations, we have used on
base logo for Zen3... on next days, it change, but we don't know about this
change and on last week we must replace this work, recriating the image logo
for colors variations. At this moment i don't know the better way to avoid
it, but it is just tedious and have a bigg probability that someone forget
to update one image. This is spendious fopr both sides. At some way, when
one asset is updated on base theme, the next should be updated autmotic. I'm
a developer and know that this is not so easy, but then is not so hard.
  * AVOID browser specific stylesheets! No, CSS doesn't suport rounded
corners! Yes, i love Firefox, but on true, it is not the only browser on the
world... --moz stylesheets should be replaced, by general work css. On
eCulture i demonstrate how can we get rouded corners from JS. Nosfero must
adopt some JS to do it.. i use NiftyCube, but a lot of others exist.
  * PNG transparencies by default -  just folow my steps on eCulture
implementation, some Javascripts enable PNG alpha on IE6 an d that works
fine. Just use it!
  * Adopt some template system, maybe using another template language like
liquid, etc..
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Title better support for third-party themes
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