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This patch allows, that the admin in "System features" can disable that new users sign up. For example, you can use it to run noosfero for a closed group or for maintenance.

-- RonnyKursawe - 25 Nov 2009

hello Ronny, did you see my message about your patch?

-- AntonioTerceiro - 27 Nov 2009

Hallo Antonio,

please excuse my late answer, but there was a lot of things to do and therefore I had the time to correct my mistake. I has thinked, that my patch has the correct format. But I have not enough experience with git. Is the problem that I haven't correct realized the rebase or do you need a automatic test for this patch?

-- RonnyKursawe - 11 Dec 2009

hello Ronny,

the problem is that your patch did not apply on the current master branch at the time when I tried it. So you'd need to rebase your local branch on top of the current master branch. Please let me know if you need any help doing that.

The tests thing is also important, but is a separate issue. We need to have automated tests for all the features we introduce, so that if any other change after that breaks any feature, we'll know it before it breaks in the face of users. smile

-- AntonioTerceiro - 16 Dec 2009

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Title Admin can disable that new a user can sign up
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