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#1386: Translation on private profile information

Type: BugItem Feature:   Tags: safernet
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Description of the bug

There are some phrases without translation on private profile information Can you describe the steps to nh hng tm hm tphcm create this untitled blog? I've tried to create an untitled one, but, as I wished, I couldn't even through the console, because the tile is, theoretically, required. In fact, every folder is supposed to have a mn ngon đi loan title, so nh hng tm cng xanh if you were able to create a blog folder without the title, nha hang quan 1 probably the other folders have problems too 1 - "The contents in this community is available to members only." 2 - Go to Noosfero home page 3 - ...

One example could be found here.

Steps to reproduce

  1. step 1
  2. step 2
  3. step 3

Testing environment

-- LeandroNunes -- 05 Feb 2010


We could not reproduce this problem here. Did you compile the translations (`rake makemo`) after upgrading the code?

-- AntonioTerceiro - 08 Feb 2010
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Title Translation on private profile information
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Tags safernet
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