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#144: provide image gallery article type

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Need to implement a class called ImageGallery to hold a collection of images. Features:

  • upload an archive (.zip, .tar.gz, etc) with all the images and explode them into the gallery (or use multiple upload system like Jupload)
  • accept only images as children
  • list thumbnails as its to_html; clicking the thumbnails takes the user to the image itself
  • pagination
  • accept comments (+ moderation)
  • accept a legend (subtitle)
  • allow user to create multiples galleries

  • gallery is a special type of folder
  • when displaying the gallery, it must behave and look like a image gallery
  • when viewing the gallery, its items must be shown as a image gallery (rather than as a regular filemanager-like folder)
  • a gallery can have sub-galleries.

Considere ao menos 2 horas pra mim -- AurelioAHeckert - 31 Jul 2008
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