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#1456: Cute Date Time to articles, comments and etc…

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"Many online social products, and more continue to, avoid a formal timestamp format 2009-10-10 23:14:17 and Thu, October 29, 2004 12:14:19 PM, opting for more user friendly, "warm and fuzzy", human-readable styles: 9 days ago and 5 years ago.

by Jeremy Horn in

Easy way to convert all time strings


Will convert all elements like this:
<div class="timestamp"> 2009/03/12 12:33:05 </div>

To this:
<div class="timestamp"> last year </div>

Atention: use the internationalization support of this plugin

Dates are printed in the usual format with the methods 'show_date' and 'show_time' in various files, and a method 'time_ago_as_sentence' is already defined in 'app/helpers/application_helper.rb' . Should I change all of the occurrences of 'show_date' and 'show_time' to 'time_ago_as_sentence'? And where should the parameter 'include_seconds' supposed to be activated (showing the seconds in less than a minute periods instead of "less than a minute")?

-- AlessandroPalmeira - 07 Dec 2011
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Title Cute Date Time to articles, comments and etc…
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Tags EasyToSolve
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