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#1459: Published events are not listed on publisher agenda

Type: BugItem Feature: Agenda, ContentManagement Tags: colivre
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Description of the bug

If we publish a event in a community it must be showed on it's agenda, like that is visible on it's blog, when we put there.


My original event:

Was published here:

But is not listed here:

-- AurelioAHeckert -- 05 Apr 2010

Yes, in fact it does not work. When you publish anything elsewhere, a PublishedArticle instance is created, and it points to the original content. When we are listing the events of a profile for the agenda, we only look for instances of the Event class.

Perhaps we should abolish the PublishedArticle class, and assume that any content may be referencing another one. That will probably need a lot of testing, though.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 07 Apr 2010

For now, we'll remove the "Publish" button for events, and add it again when we solve this item. See AI:1479.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 14 Apr 2010

To make this work as it should we need to remove the PublishedArticle class:

  • move the "published article" logic (author, to_html) to the Article class
    • note that almost all subclasses of Article redefine to_html, so we must ensure that the original to_html will always be called.
  • move the published article creation logic (before_create etc) to the ApproveArticle class
  • when publishing an article, create an object of the same class as the object being published.
  • re-add the publish button for all articles
  • look for all places that reference PublishedArticle

-- AntonioTerceiro - 14 Apr 2010
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Title Published events are not listed on publisher agenda
ActionItemType BugItem
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Tags colivre
Feature Agenda, ContentManagement
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