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#1567: Synchronize Noosfero user base with other applications

Type: FeatureItem Feature: Email, Infrastructure Tags: zen3
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Sometimes youl'l want to integrate Noosfero with other applications, in the sense that you want to let your users use other services with the same username and password they use to login on Noosfero. To do that, Noosfero must communicate with the target system in the following moments:

Noosfero event Needed action
User account created Tell the auxiliar application to create a similar user record
User account updated Tell the auxiliar application to update the user account accordingly
Password changed Tell the auxiliar application to change the password accordingly

To do that the proposal is:

  1. create hooks for those events in the User and Person classes
  2. those hooks will call external programs (with Ruby's system method) configured by the local administrator in config/user_hooks.yml
  3. the local administrator will configure command lines to be used in those hooks using formatting strings

Example of config/user_hooks.yml:

   create: /path/to/createuserprg --username %{login} --password %{password} --fullname %{name}
   update: /path/to/updateuserprg --username %{login} 
   password_changed: /path/to/changepwd --username %{login} --password %{password}
   find: /path/to/listusersprg  | grep %{login}

All attributes from User and Person classes must be available for those hooks.

The attribute values will be interpolated in the command lines already escaped so that the local administrator does not need to worry about arbitrary code execution, e.g.:

Attribute string passed to the shell
John Doe 'John Doe'
; cat /etc/passwd '; cat /etc/passwd'
$(cat /etc/passwd) '$(cat /etc/passwd)'
`cat /etc/passwd` '`cat /etc/passwd`'

(the escape library is already in Debian)

The special find command line will be used by Noosfero to check whether the user was properly inserted into the external database upon account creation. It must end with a 0 exit code, otherwise Noosfero will abort the user creation.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 18 Jun 2010
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Title Synchronize Noosfero user base with other applications
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Tags zen3
Feature Email, Infrastructure
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