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#1787: Refactor articles helpers

Type: FeatureItem Feature: Infrastructure Tags: colivre
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Today the delegation of methods from the CMS helper to other articles helpers is very confusing. Take a look at the methods options_for_article (CmsHelper), helper_for_article (ApplicationHelper) and custom_options_for_article from some article helper (BlogHelper, ForumHelper or FolderHelper, for example).

This logic must be revised.

For example, it should be easy for a ForumPost to change the option label from "Not receive comments" to "Close this topic" by just redefining the method custom_options_for_article in ForumPostHelper (assuming that the ForumPost class exists, obviously).

-- CaioSBA - 15 Dec 2010

actually that is not what I meant with refactoring that logic … I think that the decision about which options are available while editing a content should be done by the content class itself, not a helper. And specifically the creation of that instance in CmsHelper is horrible. smile

-- AntonioTerceiro - 16 Dec 2010
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Title Refactor articles helpers
ActionItemType FeatureItem
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Tags colivre
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