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#1815: allow themes to specify base themes

Type: FeatureItem Feature:   Tags: colivre
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Currently the way to inherit style from a base theme is by doing an @import url(../base/style.css) inside the new theme's style.css file. This brings 2 problems:

  • using LESS includes the contents of ../base/style.css, and:
    • we loose the ability to evolve the base stylesheet independently from the themes AND
    • the included CSS code references images in its original folder, and those references are broken when included by a file in a different folder
  • the base.css file gets cached with a timestamp, and users may experience problems when the base.css file is upgraded.

proposed solution: let the theme specifify in its theme.yml file which base themes must be loaded before it. This way the corresponding CSS will be included by Noosfero itself, automatically gaining the timestamp (?123872183921).

must fix all existing themes to

  • remove the @import statement
  • list the @import'ed theme in base_themes.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 11 Jan 2011
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Title allow themes to specify base themes
ActionItemType FeatureItem
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Tags colivre
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