#1831: Enhanche the "assets/articles" exhibition

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Noosfero has an option to show a list of articles (in assets/articles). In its present way, this list is quite useless and unusable, and that doesn't have to do directly with themes, but with its conception. For an example, take a look at http://test.cirandas.net/assets/articles

So here are 6 proposals for enhancing this list. Some of them are quite easy to develop, although the 5th and 6th items seem to be more specific and maybe should have, each one, an specific ActionItem.

1. There should be options to order articles by "most recent" and also "most read", similar to what we already have for people and communities;

2. The article list should show the first 3 to 6 lines of the text, under the title (like google results). The author (with a link) - person, community or enterprise - should also be shown.

3. There is no need to cut the titles. they should be shown entirely, and not with a limited quantity of characters.

4. The name "articles" is too abstract in portuguese. It would be better to have them called "pages", which would give the user a better feeling about what he/she is looking for.

5. Images should not be shown in this list. The best solution for images is to create a new list, called "assets/gallery", which would be an "environment gallery", with thumbnails and not a flat list. This area should allow the user to view random pictures, or to choose different kinds of ordering, like the "most recent" and "most viewed" and the ability to look for pictures based on theys tags, filenames, titles and descriptions·

6. Like the images, uploaded documents (txt, pdf, odf, msoffice, musics, videos, etc) should not be in this list. There could be a "assets/downloads" with a whole set of functionalities of a virtual library, like "docman" in Joomla, where users would feel as being in a big library of the whole environment.

-- DanielTygel - 02 Feb 2011

Concordo e assino em baixo. Em português (desculpa novamente)...

7. Pode incentivar a busca por artigos através das tags... Ter uma nuvem de tags e clicando na tag, vai filtrando o que esta sendo exibido... Tipo: software + debian + gráfico (mostraria artigos que contém essas três tags).. Experiência de uso: Clicando em uma tag da nuvem que tem muitas tags, vai lançar a tag que foi clicada para a nuvem ao lado/menor, significando o que esta sendo filtrado... A nuvem maior é atualizada com as tags do que foi mostrado até ela encolher/não existir possibilidade de mostrar mais tags em comum. (Entendeu ou quer que desenhe?)

-- ValessioBrito - 03 May 2011

Item relacionado: ActionItem1091

-- ValessioBrito - 06 May 2011
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Title Enhanche the "assets/articles" exhibition
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