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#1878: Notifications keep links to unexistent records

Type: BugItem Feature:   Tags: colivre
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Priority: 0 Status: Pending  

Description of the bug

Some notifications that create links to the target aren't being updated if the target is removed.
If you add some friend and after adding the friend leaves the environment removing it's profile, the notification keeps the link to the removed friend. This is also happening with the publish article.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make a friend
  2. Remove his profile
  3. Look at your tabs "Network" or "Activity" and see that the notifications stills there with the link to the removed profile.

-- RodrigoSouto -- 17 Feb 2011

Hum…it's not a bug, indeed. When we developed the activities history, we decided to explicitly store static information, exactly because in case of some register is removed, this history is kept and do not crash. The performance is also better this way. But in my opinion we can think of a solution to improve this logic.

-- CaioSBA - 03 Mar 2011
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Title Notifications keep links to unexistent records
ActionItemType BugItem
Priority Low
Tags colivre
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Status Pending
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