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#2135: Content permissions - Unix like fs permissions

Type: FeatureItem Feature: ContentManagement Tags: colivre
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The content must have the possibility to configure permissions based on this roles (not necessaryly Noosfero's roles): Administrator > Moderator > Member > User > Everybody. All this roles are listed in an hierarchical order (every Administrator is a Moderator or every Member is a User) so the interface to choose the role must reflects this relationship. The content must have 2 configurations:
  • Content permissions
    • View
    • Edit
    • Remove
    • Comment
    • Create new content inside (for folders)
  • Content children default (for folders)
    • View
    • Edit
    • Remove
    • Comment
    • Create new content inside

Obs: view replace the attribute published of an article

In each of these configurations the content owner might select a role, defining that only with that role the user can execute the related action. For example, if the owner defines the role Member to the configuration "Create new content inside", all Administrators, Moderators and Members are allowed to create new contents inside the folder.

The owner of the content always have all permissions (overwriting the definitions of the parent). The permissions of a content are limited to the closest content which he isn't the parent


Permissions to content inside a organization/community

  • All
  • Users
  • Members
  • Moderator
  • Admin




Create content

Hidden value to be sent:

  • The "Create content" permission is only valid to folder contents.
  • On folder we need also another block for "permissions mask" for child content.
  • The contents inside a person profile has the same permissions block, but the names are All, Users, Friends, and Me.

So, there is always a owner to a article ok? An idea to reduce complexity and ambiguity to the user is that if the article has more than one editor than the user can't delete it, but instead he has to choose another owner.

-- BraulioBhavamitraBO - 12 Nov 2011

Also, I think create content is unecessary. For example, to be able to edit a forum, is to be able to create content inside it. This concept can be extended to folders in general (and the only case the user won't be able to create content is to the root folder, but I think that's ok)

-- BraulioBhavamitraBO - 12 Nov 2011

Hum, I would think more details about the two purposes above. Please contact me and discuss guys.

-- BraulioBhavamitraBO - 12 Nov 2011

Besides the problems above, there is alo a big issue. The solution above does not consider custom roles, an important feature of noosfero.

Custom roles also break the unix like bitmask logic, making the slider logic useless.

You would think a considerably simpler solution. I have some ideas about it, we can talk about it at colivre smile

-- BraulioBhavamitraBO - 13 Nov 2011

Hello everybody,

Finally took some time to mockup the new proposal.

It is rather simple for the user (and probably to developers), and expand possibilities to wikis and easy interprofile document sharing.

It associates permissions for roles and/or profiles.

There are three permissions: view, edit and comment.

As commented before, deletion requires to choose a new profile, if more than one profile may edit.

Sorry for the uglyness, this is my first mockup on Inkscape.

-- BraulioBhavamitraBO - 13 Nov 2011

This is very rough mockup. Many things should be considered. It is just to ignite discussion smile

-- BraulioBhavamitraBO - 16 Nov 2011

I agree that the first proposal with slider isn't simple enough to final users, maybe we can have a meet at Colivre to discuss it tomorow?

-- JoenioCosta - 17 Nov 2011
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