#2279: Logout redirects to home-page

Type: BugItem Feature: UserInterface Tags: ecosol, EasyToSolve
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Priority: 5 Status: Pending  

Description of the bug

Logout redirects to home-page

Steps to reproduce

  1. Login-in to Cirandas.net
  2. Access a community web-site, say http://cirandas.net/cirandeiros
  3. Log-out

The logical behaviour would be to remain on the same page, but noosfero redirect to home (cirandas.net). If the content is private, noosfero should display a message.

-- AlanTygel -- 15 Feb 2012
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Title Logout redirects to home-page
ActionItemType BugItem
Priority Medium
Tags ecosol, EasyToSolve
Feature UserInterface
Status Pending
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Topic revision: r2 - 22 May 2015, UnknownUser

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