#2566: Auto add article link to the profile menu block

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We have a static link list block that is used as menu but require to the user to edit this block when a new important page is created or when a slug is changed. That is not so easy to a noob and a social software must to be noob friendly.

We must have an "add to menu" checkbox on the article editor to make the work automatically.

What we need a method to return the profile's block where an article is linked, so null is equal to "no link on menu", then show the checkbox. To find the article link, this must consider the {profile} variable.

If the method returns a block the text must be "This is on menu. Edit it", where the link "edit it" opens a floating box with the block configuration http://noosfero.domine/myprofile/<profile>/profile_design/edit/<block-id>

When the slug is changed the save article method must automatically change the link url on the static link list block and then notify the user (flash) saying that was done.

-- AurelioAHeckert - 04 Feb 2013
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Title Auto add article link to the profile menu block
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