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#2568: Create an easy-to-use Menu Sideblock

Type: FeatureItem Feature: UserInterface Tags: EasyToSolve
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Proposal of the creation of a new sideblock, which is a mix of the existing "static links" block and the "show content" block:

The idea is to create a "menu sideblock" for the users to easily create a profile menu, without having to know by heart the urls of the contents in their profile.

When the user edits this sideblock (after adding it), he/she will see an interface very similar to the existing static menu sideblock: besides the title and other configurations (like 'show on all pages, or only in initial page, etc), the user will be able to add menu items. For each item, like in the static menu sideblock, the user will choose an image (icon), a title, and then the url. But the url won't be a text input, but a combo box (select) with all the articles and posts that are in the profile. The user will then choose one specific content of the profile, and the item is created.

If the user doesn't put a title for the item, the sideblock will automatically put as menu title the title of the content chosen.

If the user wants to put an external link, one option in the combo bar will be "external link", that will open a text input where the user can put a customized external url, like in the static links sideblock.

As it's a "merge" of two existing sideblocks, I pointed it as an easy to solve item.

-- DanielTygel - 05 Feb 2013
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Title Create an easy-to-use Menu Sideblock
ActionItemType FeatureItem
Priority Low
Tags EasyToSolve
Feature UserInterface
Status Pending
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