#2774: Change text of notification e-mail sent after comment is created

Type: BugItem Feature: Blog, Email Tags: EasyToSolve, EITA
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Description of the bug

Notification e-mail sent after comment's creation, should have recipients name and an shortly explanation for the reason why is he receiving this notification based on notification email rule defined for enterprise, community and user.

Steps to reproduce

Do a comment on a communities blog.

Testing environment


-- CaioFormiga -- 20 Aug 2013

There is a solution on https://github.com/CIRANDAS/noosfero-ecosol/pull/27, lately i will send a merge request at noosfero!

-- CaioFormiga - 27 Aug 2013
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Title Change text of notification e-mail sent after comment is created
ActionItemType BugItem
Priority Low
Tags EasyToSolve, EITA
Feature Blog, Email
Status Pending
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