#2781: Some fields aren't displayed anywhere

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Description of the bug

Some fields for profiles aren't being displayed on the entity's profile page even when they're active and non-empty.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log-in as admin and click on the Profiles>Fields link on the Administration page.
  2. Mark all fields as active
  3. Edit one person's profile and add a random value for all fields
  4. Visit that person's profile
  5. You'll see that some of the fields you entered on step 3 are not being displayed anywhere (e.g. cel phone)


  1. The conditions displayed above have being identified for Person types of profile. It remains to check if the same goes on for enterprises and communities aswell.
  2. Maybe consider reviewing the order in which fields are displayed on the manage_fields, profile editing and profile pages and also consider categorizing these fields in order to improve the visualization.
  3. Some of the fields may not make sense anymore (e.g. contact_info seems more like a category of fields than a field itself). If identified any of those cases, one should consider removing it.

-- DanielBucher -- 22 Aug 2013
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Title Some fields aren't displayed anywhere
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