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#2984: Allow more special characters in profile names urls

Type: FeatureItem Feature: UserInterface Tags: EasyToSolve, ecosol, EITA
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Priority: 0 Status: WaitingForReview  

We're working in the networks plugin, which will add a new profile, called Networks.

Since they are hierarchical with arbitrary levels, we are thinking of nice ways to display the URLs of the nodes inside each network.

For example: Network has Child1 as a first level child node. And Child1 has Child11 as its own child node. Our proposal is that the url of the Child11 profile has a "pathway" format, like this:


Today, only "-", ".", "~" and "_" are allowed, but URLs accept ":", "|" and "*" as other valid options.

We are willing to allow these 3 characters to be used in profile urls. Is there any problem if we do a merge-request for that?

-- DanielTygel - 07 Feb 2014

-- BraulioBhavamitraBO - 08 Mar 2014
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Title Allow more special characters in profile names urls
ActionItemType FeatureItem
Priority Low
Tags EasyToSolve, ecosol, EITA
Feature UserInterface
Status WaitingForReview
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