#3271: Edit publish date of an article

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Although this is an EasyToSolve task, we must define it properly.

  • When the publish date can be edited?
    • Only on publishing? (from some profile to another)
    • Any time?
  • Who can edit it?
    • Only the env admin?
    • Anyone with edit permission in the article?
  • Can set publish date to the future? (Y/N)

(Also consider the mailing discussion.)
It duplicates the rejected ActionItem3164

-- AurelioAHeckert - 08 Aug 2014

About the 3 questions:

  1. Any time
  2. Anyone with edit permission for the article (the creator, the moderators/administrators, etc)
  3. This would be great. But then this AI would not be "easytosolve" anymore, since a task would be created for the future.

-- DanielTygel - 08 Aug 2014

Yes... When setting the date to the future, it must create an DelayedJob.

-- AurelioAHeckert - 10 Aug 2014

In Wordpress, I can edit the date anytime and the article goes to the top of publications.

-- PauloSantana - 10 Nov 2014

Tem um MR / código feito aqui: https://gitlab.com/participa/noosfero/merge_requests/2

Não contempla toda implementação (agendar publicação futura), mas já é um passo inicial.

-- ValessioBrito - 04 Jan 2015
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Title Edit publish date of an article
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