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#387: Remember user to help the login or for auto-login

Type: FeatureItem Feature: Infrastructure Tags: colivre
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Priority: 5 Status: Pending  

Will be helpful if the Noosfero remember the user in a bowser cookie for the next visit.

We need 2 levels of user remember feature:

Remember the user login

Less work = more cool

The login box can have the username filled with the cookie. On the login box we can have a checkbox to enable this feature, like this:
remember my name  

That feature can be checked by default, but the checkbox status must be remembered by a cookie too, because a user can dislike that and my sux uncheck if every time.

Auto login when return == "Remember me"

That will work as a never end session, but will make a transparently login based on a cookie information, to be possible to show the user new informations when he/she enter again on the Noosfero. It will work as a first page service.

Yes! It must not be enabled by default. It is a cool feature to use on a laptop or in a personal login o the desktop. Some attention information about security must be showed to the user when he/she select that feature.

When the user click on logout he/she will clear the cookie and will need a new normal login to enter again.

The cookie login information can't be a ridiculous thing like user=Zé&autologin=on. I'm thinking in a thing like: autologinuser=<crypt-user>&autologinpasswd=<crypt-passwd>

The server will crypt the name, re-crypt the cripted password on the user database and add this on the cookie. So, other users can't know the user and password with a cookie information and the admin can know the server crypt pass/number but you will not know the user password.

Or forget this auto-login way and use a browser based password remember. (What is better?)
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Title Remember user to help the login or for auto-login
ActionItemType FeatureItem
Priority Medium
Tags colivre
Feature Infrastructure
ScheduledFor N/A
Status Pending
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