#437: redirect user to webmail with username and password filled

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Description of the bug

reference: http://mail.zen3.net/imp/login.php?imapuser=joenio@zen3.net

-- JoenioCosta -- 12 Jun 2008

Please consider to fix it in 0.10.1 release (or hide webmail to public, since it not works fine. Keeping a way to Yorg access and test the beta versions ;).

2 thoughts:
  • this item could be removed, since there won't be a need for it as soon as the SSO will be ok.
  • password cannot be filled since the system doesn't record it, does it? Only a hashed version should be recorded (MD5 or equivalent).

-- RaphaelRousseau - 01 Nov 2008
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Title redirect user to webmail with username and password filled
ActionItemType BugItem
Priority Low
Tags zen3
Status Pending
Topic revision: r9 - 02 Feb 2009, AntonioTerceiro

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