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This requirement relates to Anhetegua user story "gerenciar quais recortes existem":

Informação inicial: Por enquanto, os recortes são 4: territorial, temático, por ramo de atividade e por cadeia produtiva. A usuária administradora do sistema pode modificar a descrição de cada recorte, além de criar ou eliminar recortes. Lembramos que recortes são TIPOS de tags.


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  3. yet another task

Quality Assurance checklist

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Ready? Item Percent
No Source Code 40%
No Unit tests for all models and libs related to this requirement 10%
No Functional tests for all controllers related to this requirement 10%
No Integration test for the requirement (user story or not) 10%
No All tests pass? 5%
No User documentation for every possible user action 10%
No Developer documentation for all methods everywhere 10%
No Non-developer user test 2%
No Customer test 3%

-- AntonioTerceiro - 29 Aug 2007
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