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Noosfero must support mailing list management. Each organization must be able to create and manage up to N mailing lists, where each list must be configured according to these criteria:

Type Characteristics
forum a group of users are subscribed to receive the messages, anybody can post
workshop the group of subscribed users can send & receive messages
newsletter only moderators (a group of users) can send newsletters, others can only subscribe to receive them

Openness Characteristics
open anybody can subscribe to the ML
restricted only members of the same community can subscribe to the ML
closed none can subscribe himself to the ML (only the group of moderators can)

Moderation Characteristics
pre-moderated before being subscribed to the ML, subscribers are moderated by moderators
post-moderated first subscribers are subscribed to the ML, then moderators can ban and/or blacklist users

It must be possible to see the type of each mailing list.


  1. choose a mailing list manager. Give preference to one that publishes an API (XMLRPC, webservice or something similar
  2. implement basic mailing list operations
  3. implement per-environment configuration for:
    • number of mailing list (ML) an organization can have
    • number of subscribers a ML can have
    • number of messages per day/week/month that can be sent on a ML
    • total size of messages per day/week/month can be sent on a ML

Quality Assurance checklist

All the items below must be "Yes" or "N/A" in order to consider this requirement as done.

Ready? Item Percent
No Source Code 40%
No Unit tests for all models and libs related to this requirement 10%
No Functional tests for all controllers related to this requirement 10%
No Integration test for the requirement (user story or not) 10%
No All tests pass? 5%
No User documentation for every possible user action 10%
No Developer documentation for all methods everywhere 10%
No Non-developer user test 2%
No Customer test 3%

-- AntonioTerceiro - 22 Sep 2007

e-mail from théo on Fri, 08 Feb 2008 01:49:32 +0100

1) same features as those developed for mailman simpleadmin, which means
mainly 3 types of preconfigured list, same as mailman simpleadmin, with
headers and footers

2) moreover :
- possibility for a owner  of a list to delete a list he owns
- possibility for a owner of the list to delete select all users of a list
and then delete all of them
- I10N of the texts in headers and footers

-- AntonioTerceiro - 26 Apr 2008
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