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#76: Implement article type "Form"

Type: FeatureItem Feature: FormsManagement Tags: zen3
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We mount a scenario with a molecules structure to facilitate.

1)There are fields as building blocks (atoms)

Basic HTML forms :

  • one line text fields
  • multi line text fields
  • check boxes
  • single selection (radio buttons or drop-down lists)
  • multiple selections (multiple check-boxes or drop-down lists)
  • file uploads

Advanced HTML forms

  • date selection (with a calendar pop-up)
  • e-mails fields (with validation option)
  • single tag selection (with autocomplete option)
  • multiple tags selection (with autocomplete option)
  • single/multiple user selection (with autocomplete option)
  • single/multiple community/group selection (with autocomplete option)
  • …others (to be defined)

2) Users could create forms based on fields (to build molecules)

  • choose a type of field
  • put it in the list of the current selected fields
  • customize the name of the field
  • customize the constraints of the field (like interval, or integer or single word…)

3) Users can create views of these forms (like in Zoho Creator). For each view, user define :

  • who (which group) can access this view
  • which fields are displayed
  • if the view deals with 1 or several "molecules" (to manage collections, like galleries or lists of "things", eg: URLs)
  • how each field is displayed : its value or as a form field

This last option makes it easy to create forms for visitors or polls in a group :

  • event subscription
  • e-commerce (the name & reference of the product are used, but the quantity is chosen by the visitor)
  • contact form
  • article evaluation

4) When writing "articles", users can choose to insert one of the "views" of their created forms

taken from #21

The user will be free to write articles in your ePortfolio.

The "article" term is intended to be used to referr many item types, like:

  • news
  • images on the album
  • "pre-molded" forms
  • custom forms
  • boletins
  • pages on the eP

This article is intended to be linked to the ActionItem76 . Where we describe the final objective of the creation of articles and creation of new types of articles.

Use case: Implement article type "Form"

Technical Solution

comming son


A module that allow users the capacities of to create, edit, delete bulletins/articles. With the feature like revisions control, input images and video URL's, and write bulletins collaborating with other authors.


"Article" is the name of what users can write, modify and manage; but there are several kinds of articles, for instance:
  • image galleries
  • book/film/place/exhibition/website/webpage review
  • event

Minimal fields

The common points of all articles are:
  • owner
  • title
  • tags
  • status

Field types

Fields are of these types:
  • text (1 line)
  • multiline text
  • checkbox
  • radio button
  • select (single)
  • multiselect
  • upload
  • date (with calendar selector)

There could be other (not pure HTML) widgets, like:
  • cursor (to select a value in a range)
  • color picker
  • auto-completed text fields
  • tags selection fields (with suggestions)

Creating "article types" (form management)

Users can create new article types to:
  • allow the writing of a new kind of content
  • insert a form in an article (comment for an article, subscription form, contact form, survey…)

An example of form management is Zoho Creator.

The user can choose one of the basic types of fields and then add a field of this type in the current form. It is possible to order the fields easily. One can insert explanatory fields.

Fields data

Each field has several compulsory data:
  • a name
  • a type (see Field types above)

Other possible data:
  • a short label
  • a long label
  • a field length (when appropriate)

Displaying the form

Once the form is created the user can manage the form's statuses.

In each state, the user chooses for each field:
  • a visibility status (visible/invisible)
  • a verification system (range for dates and numbers, regular expression pattern for text fields…)

For a state:
  • a validity period


  1. one task
  2. another task
  3. yet another task

Quality Assurance checklist

All the items below must be "Yes" or "N/A" in order to consider this requirement as done.

Ready? Item Percent
Source Code
Unit tests for all models and libs related to this requirement
Functional tests for all controllers related to this requirement
Integration test for the requirement (user story or not)
All tests pass?
User documentation for every possible user action
Developer documentation for all methods everywhere
Non-developer user test
Customer test

-- GuilhermeRocha - 26 Sep 2007
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