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#760: zen3: formal/informal attribute for groups

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Users can create groups

  • Each group can demand to the environment's owners/admin to recognize them as formal organizations.
  • To make this demand, they must fulfill a form/survey on the panel control → manage my group → group profile
  • The form includes
    • domains/products/centers of interest : supertags, predefined once, decided by the environment's owners, as if they were categories
    • geography : city/state/country
  • Formal: pre-moderation (before validation, groups are still "informal")
  • Both informal and formal: environments' admin can suspend any group at any time, if there is an abuse.

STEP 2 :

  • Groups that are recognized as formal organization are listed into a directory of formal organizations, just as the current version of Noosfero. It's a directory of formal organizations with, for each organization, the mention of what type of organization association, foundation, Ltd, cooperative, unlimited

STEP3 (not urgent, can be developped for mid-2009)
  • Users can make request on the database to see list of organizations by type of organization (limited, association…), by region, by centers of interests and by products, they use supertags to make their research (but, again, this point 3 is NOT urgent)
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Title zen3: formal/informal attribute for groups
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Tags zen3
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