#783: depending on configuration, user must be approved before joining non-default(closed) environments

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themes SEIE and others (related to dedicated environement) Detail : when people subscribe to SEIE, they receive a zen3 environment accont and a demand "do you want to joint SEIE environement?". If they choe yes, the admin of SEIE (or admin of other envir.) receives a request to accept/ignore the user

terceiro : i confirm you that you can suspend access on seie, and reinsert SEIE after release 0.12 give opportunity to users to subscribe to seie environement but with zen3 layout, and to have seie theme ONLY AFTER admin of SEIE has accepted their automatic pening request

-- AntonioTerceiro - 07 Oct 2008

For the short term:

johndoe wants to register at SEIE, which is a closed environment:

* johndoe profile is created in zen3 * SEIE admin receive a "profile transfer" request. If this requested is approved, then the profile johndoe from zen3 if transfered to SEIE. It does not exist anymore in zen3.

For the long term: AI:796

-- AntonioTerceiro - 16 Oct 2008

I'm wondering if all the "ID name" discussion is relevant. We should shortly have a WebSSO (probably OpenID-based) so the question of the ID will be over, won't it?

When joining a closed environment, a user must be approved, whether by pre- or post-modération (this depends on the config that the owner of this envir will define) as previously said in ActionItem91

-- RaphaelRousseau - 08 Nov 2008
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Title depending on configuration, user must be approved before joining non-default(closed) environments
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