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#786: separate the title of article from its URL name

Type: BugItem Feature:   Tags: zen3
ScheduledFor: N/A Assigned to: MoisesMachado Sites:  
Priority: 10 Status: Pending  

User X writes an article with title "my fine article", it ends up in /username/my-fine-article. The user must be able to change these two fields separatedly:

  • one field for the article's title
  • one field for the article's URL name
    • can be filled automatically using the title if the user does not fill it
    • but must be changed independently from the title

-- AntonioTerceiro - 06 Oct 2008

Old discussion:


REMINDER, even if it's NOT plainly relevant

Référence page 6 of that doc :;filename=FEATURES_Multypass_eP-socialEconomy_v2.5EN.odt

« Simplified URLs » system (general purpose URLs + custom URLs system) Ex. ID : will be better than Ex. article (the article is a number with 6, 7 or 8 digits) will be better than Ability to display the same article inside a selected visual design (i.e. : with several side boxes, different from the ones of the initial author). Examples :

It's important and should be related to my e-mail (sent on 11 oct 2008 18:37, subj.: Friendly URLs).

So, finally what should be implemented? Let's summarize our constraints:
  • need for human-friendly URLs
  • need for Search-engine-friendly URLs
  • need for stable URLs ("Cool URIs don't change", said Tim Berners-Lee)

I think each URLs should never change (when possible). This could be in favor of numeric ID-based URIs :

But it's not that cool, since:
  • it's nearly impossible to remind and/or find again easily
  • it's not good for SEO (Search engine Optimisation)

Well, finally, I think about a generic system (that perhaps could be implemented and published as a separate module of Noosfero ) that would take the best of both worlds:
  • provide a stable, ID-based, URL for each page, that wouldn't change even if the article:
    • is renamed (different title)
    • is "given" to another user (X shares the ownership of the article with Y then removes himself from the authors of the article)
    • has an non-existent owner (owner has erased his account or has been banned…)
    • is moved from one community to another (to be discussed for implementability)
  • provide a redirection to the current SEO-friendly URL for that article

So, let's see the life-circle of an article:
  1. created (and given a definitive ID, "DID")
  2. entitled (and given a friendly URL manually or automatically)
  3. has its title changed

  • the "DID" can be used as blogs "permalink" URLs
  • the former friendly URL can still be used but lead to a redirection to the current friendly URL

On the DB, there would be these pieces of information:
  • DID → current friendly URL
  • former/current friendly URL → DID

In fact former friendly URLs would never be erased so that incoming links would never been broken.

Such a system could be extended to provide tinyurl-like features:
  • the user enters a potentially-long URL
  • the system creates a shortened (ID-based) URL that links to this URL.

Users could then manage their short-URLs : get statistics, remove or update the link…

In term of interface,

The title should be used to "propose" a URL. This means:

  • During the creation of the article:
    • as long as the user didn't modify the "URL" field, any change to the Title field leads to modify the URL field
    • as soon as the user has (manually) modified the URL field, no change to this field can be made automagically
  • During the modification of the URL:
    • modifying the title of the article never modifies the URL
    • if the URL is (manually) modified by the user, then the previously described URL redirection (in my e-mail sent on 11 oct 2008) is activated.

What could help users: a "Suggest URLs" button near the URL field. There could be several suggestions, always based on the title:
  • one (long) that would be made with replacing spaces and other non hexadecimal chars with minus/dash (-) signs, (for Perl speakers, especially Terceiro : s/[_\W]+/-/g )
  • one (short) that would be made by stripping "common words" like
    • English: "the", "a"
    • French: "le", "la", "les", "un", "une", "des"
    • others…

When clicking this button, the user would be suggested several possibilities in a "pop-up". Then, the user could choose one of them by clicking on it, which would close the pop-up and fill the URL field with the chosen string.

-- RaphaelRousseau - 08 Nov 2008
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Title separate the title of article from its URL name
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