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#796: alias management

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  • each user has an ID number, linked to a
  • envir host by default is the only open envir :
  • chosen at the beginnning by the user is whether the main login, whether an alias
  • ID number is linked to a unique "host environment"
  • for users on "profile" from control panel, the official formulation is "what is your hosting environment", "X is you host environment" etc…
  • by default, host environment is the open one (, and otherways host enviroment is a closed one (seie for example)
  • when login in form other envir the zen3, user can chose between 2 options for envir : or
  • when login in at, users do not need to chose between or, because by default it's zen3

  • users can always demand to one or various closed enviroment ( to accept them with a space like this : , even if the host is another envir.
  • in each envir, user must chose a login when demanding his inclusion in the enviroment
  • at the specific moment when user is demanding to be accepted as member in an environment, the system tell to user if his login is free, or if his login is not free the system demands to user to change his login to become member of this environment (this is called "main login")
  • users can have one or many aliases in one or many enviroments
  • number of alias will be, in a second step, defined by rights of users depending on if he pays or not (because aliasis a complex feature, not a basic need)


Story : 1. The girl Simonetta is visiting seie environment she want to become member, she clicks on "create new user" and she arrives on the zen3 interface to subscribe

2. Simonetta choses the login "simona". The system noosfero/multypass gives as answer "this is already taken chose another one

3. Simona choses simona2

4. admin of seie accepts simonetta as member account receives an invitation to chose her login in seie (seie is a closed envir) she takes (because in seie simona is not taken)

5. becomes an alias of and becomes an alias of
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