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#895: Multilingual articles - reader perspective

Type: FeatureItem Feature:   Tags: zen3
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When reading an article, there should be links to the translations of this article.

This would allow people landing on one's site (through a search engine) to find a more understandable version of the same content.

Once this language selected, this language should "stick" to the visitor until he chooses another language.

-- RaphaelRousseau - 05 Jan 2009

besides: the tag that contains the article contents must declare the document language using the lang and the xml:lang attributes.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 27 Jan 2009

what exactly does "stick" mean in this context? Do you mean to change the user interface to the chosen language? Do you mean that clicking links to articles should display the version in the language chosen before by default (if it exists)?

Both options would be pretty complicated to do …

-- AntonioTerceiro - 25 Mar 2009

Well. If someone lands for the first time on zen3 (or any multypass-powered site) on article X :, there are several possibilities : - either he followed an external link - in the latter case, it could be a search engine that gave the link

In both cases, the visitor has preferences that he might have configured on his navigator. Let's also say that article X has several linguisitc versions : PT (main), EN, FR

If this visitor is me, I'll have FR as prefered language and I'd then prefer to have the French version. So the system detects that : 1- I want article X 2- article X has 3 versions 3- I prefer pages in FRench 4- FRench is one of the versions 5- then I'm redirected to the French version of the article

But then, I really want to read the PorTuguese version, then I click on the PT link to have this version (I force the language). Then I given a language cookie that says "I prefer PT articles when available".

So when going to any page of the zen3 website, former point "3- I prefer pages in FRench" becomes "3- I prefer pages in PorTuguese" since the lang cookie has precedence over navigator preferences.

When available, navigation should also be displayed on that language.

Don't hesitate to give me feedbacks about this feature. We perhaps will discuss it on the ML

-- RaphaelRousseau - 25 Mar 2009

  • select the correct article version based on the user's language; redirect if it's not the article already being viewed.
  • list all the available translations for a given article.
  • if the user clicks to see other translations of some article, change the UI together with it if possible (i.e. if there UI translation for that language) and record in a cookie the preference of the user to see articles in that language. This cookie has precedence over the current UI language.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 26 Mar 2009
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Title Multilingual articles - reader perspective
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