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#899: Multilingual messages

Type: FeatureItem Feature:   Tags: zen3
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Several places have customizable messages. These messages must be:

  • modifiable by the environment administrators
  • if environment didn't customize the message, it must be taken from the default environment
  • if the default environment didn't customize the message, it must be taken from the system (e.g. a default message that is translated by the development team, probably in pootle)
  • This messages must be translatable.

The following messages already exist and must be changed to be translatable:

Message When it is used
welcome message sent when the user first subscribes
friend invitation message default message for inviting people to join the environment
message for users requesting mailbox tells the user what he needs to do to have their mailbox activated
welcome message for activated mailboxes sent when users have their mailboxes activated
home page text in the home page of the environment
environment header displayed before the content
environment footer displayed after the content

Every time when such a message is sent, the system must use the version in the current user inteface language (e.g. the language in which the user is viewing the site).

-- AntonioTerceiro - 10 Mar 2009

messages have parameters, like "<user>" etc (as in invite friends)

-- AntonioTerceiro - 26 Mar 2009

it was 8 task points before; must re-evaluate because of the default environment thing. Pay attention to the changes when reevaluating.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 06 Apr 2009
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Title Multilingual messages
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