#90: Ability to transfer profile control

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Ability to transfer the control of a profil to nother user

When people make a profile for another person or organization, they must indicate it.

Example : I make Théo's profile or Théo manages Colivre's profile

A mention should appear "this profile is managed by AAAAA" (AAAAA is the account of the manager, with a link to his profile)

A system should help the administrators to manage litigations (when the manager of an organization wants to get back the control of the management of his organization's profile and the current manager doesn't want).


  1. one task
  2. another task
  3. yet another task

Quality Assurance checklist

All the items below must be "Yes" or "N/A" in order to consider this requirement as done.

Ready? Item Percent
No Source Code 40%
No Unit tests for all models and libs related to this requirement 10%
No Functional tests for all controllers related to this requirement 10%
No Integration test for the requirement (user story or not) 10%
No All tests pass? 5%
No User documentation for every possible user action 10%
No Developer documentation for all methods everywhere 10%
No Non-developer user test 2%
No Customer test 3%

-- GuilhermeRocha - 02 Oct 2007
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Title Ability to transfer profile control
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