#940: add a nice date picker for date fields

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  • must be accessible
  • must be internationalized
  • it must be possible to configure it use a consistent format for storing the date (e.g. always submit the form field as 'yyyy-mm-dd') while displaying it in the corrent format regarding the current language.

list of date pickers to try:

URL notes
http://ui.jquery.com/demos/datepicker/ the "localization" demo didn't work for me -- AT

-- AntonioTerceiro - 10 Feb 2009

Did you try to put anything in the date box?

For me, It worked very well... and it's rock! smile

-- VicenteAguiar - 10 Feb 2009

the date picker itself works, and well. But changing the language (click "Localize calendar" on the right) did not. This or none of the languages I tried has available translations.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 10 Feb 2009

Actually it did work when I clicked "New page". There must be something wrong in the first page.

-- AntonioTerceiro - 10 Feb 2009

I just added some sort of infra to this item in this commit c0c8151c81f7daddd4bfe28bed13e8510ce0d425 on my branch https://gitorious.org/~diguliu/noosfero/digulius-noosfero/commits/custom-forms that might be going to master soon. Still there is no support for displaying the date according to the language. Please review and make it better!

-- RodrigoSouto - 22 Oct 2012
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Title add a nice date picker for date fields
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Tags zen3, EasyToSolve
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